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Best Productivity Tools for Developers

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A developer is a person who looks after the important aspects of a project in a company. It is the responsibility of developers to complete project work in time. That’s why they need some tools to streamline their productivity with high success rates. Different types of productivity tools are available for developers and they should evaluate them with more attention. Not only that, they allow them to enhance the efficiency and other skills of a developer with high success rates. They provide ways to relieve the burden of tedious tasks with automation and other features.

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Knowing more about the best productivity tools

1. Timely

Timely productivity tools for developers

Timely is one of the best productivity tools for developers because it allows them to track time with minimal effort. It makes feasible ways to record time on the web and desktop applications to a private timeline. The primary advantage of this tool is that it lets a developer know how long he/she spends on coding. Moreover, the project and dashboards offered by this tool provide ways to break down the performance accordingly. This will help follow the task progress based on them to ensure optimal results.

2. Codestream


Companies should include Codestream in the list of best productivity tools for developers due to its various advantages. It allows a developer to discuss code with a team without making a pull request. This tool is ideal for highlighting a code block and typing a comment that will help solve problems as soon as possible. With Codestream, developers can focus more on strengthening the quality of the codebase to a large extent.

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3. Tuple

Tuple remote developers

Tuple is a tool primarily designed for remote developers that come with a pair programming feature. It offers a screen-sharing UI where a user can control the machine remotely which will help gain more advantages. Apart from that, this tool is ideal for maximizing the CPU spaces to reduce the burden significantly.

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text productivity tools for developers

Sublime Text is a personal easy-to-use editor tool allowing a developer to mark up and perform in different languages. Furthermore, it makes feasible ways to navigate through lines of code depending on the needs. Some other features offered by the tool include cross-platform, powerful API and package ecosystem, command palette, etc. The tool also has a destruction-free mod that will display the editor’s full screen. This will help developers stay more focused that will improve their productivity.

5. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA productivity tools for developers

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the productivity tools for developers that will help obtain the best results. It comes with intelligent coding solutions which give ways to access different languages with ease. Furthermore, the tool plays a key role in offering relevant suggestions for a developer in every context. Another thing about this tool is that it lets a developer get insights into codes quickly. The built-in developer’s tools offered by IntelliJ IDEA are perfect toolsets for streamlining the workflow on a project.

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6. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere productivity tools for developers

Companies should include Codeanywhere in the list of best productivity tools for developers because it is an all-in-zone editor. It is a cloud-based application that gives ways to collaborate with teammates directly in real-time. This tool allows developers to utilize intelligent editing features that suit a project. Apart from that, it makes feasible ways to evaluate codes during the coding process.

7. The sliver searcher

The silver searcher is one of the productivity tools that allow developers to save time while shifting through codes. This tool is a perfect one for those who are using Linux and Windows operating systems. It even helps to ignore certain file patterns that will help get relevant results in the coding process.

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