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Top 8 Productivity Tools For Small Businesses In 2022

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To increase your small company’s productivity in 2022, it is essential to squeeze maximum time throughout the day. Being small you likely to have limited funds and resources to operate your business. This means your team will not have enough time or energy to manage each and every aspect associated with your business. Hence, you need to resort to using the latest technology tools. These tools are designed to do more work within a short time, thus increasing efficiency, productivity while saving time and energy.

8 Best Productivity Tools To Use In 2022

There are hundreds of technological tools available readily for free or for a small amount. You need to research on them thoroughly and find out which ones will suit your small business better. This way, you get to make the right choice.

1. DropBox:

Dropbox productivity toolsIt is quite natural to send emails to coworkers attached with files. Perhaps, the file size might be too big to be attached in the email. Downloading it can become a painstaking task. Instead of taking stress concerning file sizes, you may choose to use DropBox. This tool allows sending multiple large files effortlessly over the web. It also works with Google Office and Gmail and is the right choice to increase small business productivity.

2. Asana:

Asana productivity toolsThis CRM software is designed for teams to manage effectively and efficiently their task. It comes with simple controls along with intuitive user interface. This way, project and time management can be taken care of, thus increasing productivity quickly.

3. MailChimp: 

Mailchimp productivity toolsSmall businesses can make good use of this productivity tool. It allows you to email subscribers by using an easy format. With the click of the button, it is possible to segment the list into diverse groups. This makes sending emails quite easy while being an amazing productivity hack. It also helps with project management tracking.

4. Hootsuite:

HootsuiteIt is a wonderful social media management-based tool. It can be more than useful if your business enjoys large online presence. Rather than going through every account, this tool does prove to be beneficial. It does help enhance company’s productivity.

5. Google Adwords:

Google adwords productivity toolsA well-written content piece needs to be optimized for the web. Using Google Adwords allows SEO optimization to connect with your articles. This way, relevant keywords can be derived. This is indeed the best choice to increase small business productivity.

6. Google Calendar:

Google calendar productivity toolsWithout organization, productivity is just nothing. With Google Calendar, you can simply connect everything to it. This tool can be termed as the undisputed champion among calendars. Every small business needs to implement this time management technique to benefit immensely. With this tool you may schedule meeting reminders, prepare recurring events, etc. This tool is designed to work any device used.

7. RingCentral:

Ringcentral productivity toolsYou should use CRM software to ease your business operations. Although Zoom and Skype rule the online communication world, RingCentral has been providing facilities that can be more than beneficial for your small business. This tool offers team messaging, cloud phone support and video conferencing.

8. Betterteam:

Betterteam productivity tools

It may be that you seek to appoint a new employee or hire a freelancer for your business for a niche job, Betterteam allows you to post all your tasks across 100 job boards in a single move. Answers are then gathered in a single place. Hence, it is considered to be among the most productive project management tracking

Whatever be the productivity tools you choose for your small business, make sure to be aware of their features. Also understand your specific needs to ensure the tool selected fits your requirements perfectly.

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