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9 Best Examples For Ecommerce Website Design of 2022

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Ecommerce website design has become a very important part of the business of an online retailer. With the rising popularity of ecommerce, more and more online stores are coming up and providing their products to a global target audience.

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The following are 09 best examples for ecommerce website design of 2022:

1. Shopify

Shopify Ecommerce website design

Shopify is a popular online store that allows you to run your business online. It integrates with content management systems such as WordPress and allows you to sell physical goods through its website and mobile apps. Shopify also provides tools for marketing, payment processing and inventory management.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce Ecommerce Website Design

BigCommerce is one of the most widely used ecommerce platforms in the world. It was founded in 2006 by Scott and Jeff Peck and serves more than 60 million monthly active users (MAUs). BigCommerce’s flagship product, BigCommerce S3, offers powerful ecommerce capabilities for small businesses and enterprise retailers with large catalogs. BigCommerce’s self-hosted version, which is free for up to 10 stores, offers additional features like custom domains and unlimited storage/bandwidth for your store data in the cloud.

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3. Zappos

Zappos Ecommerce Website Design

Zappos is a very famous ecommerce website that was founded in 1999 by CEO Nick Swinmurn and CTO Tony Hsieh. The company has more than 350,000 employees and its annual revenue is about $4 billion. The company offers a wide range of products ranging from men’s clothing to women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics and much more. The company has strong brand recognition among its customers due to the great customer service provided by them.

4. Amazon

Amazon Ecommerce Website Design

Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform in the world and its website design reflects this. It has a clean, modern look that is easy on the eye and easy to navigate.

The site loads quickly, even on slower networks, and there are no annoying pop-ups or banners to worry about.

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5. Etsy

Etsy Ecommerce Website Design

Etsy is a great example of how to make an ecommerce website easy for customers to find what they want without overwhelming them with too much information.

The site is simple and straightforward: categories are clearly marked out on the main navigation bar; products are organized by price range; search results show both the product name and image so customers can quickly find what they’re looking for.

6. Volusion

Volusion Ecommerce Website Design

Volusion is an ecommerce platform that offers hosting services as well as software tools for building websites and apps. Their website builder makes it easy to build beautiful websites with drag and drop functionality while also offering other features like mobile responsive design, SEO optimization and more.”

7. eBay

eBay Ecommerce Website Design

eBay’s business model is simple. You buy something from someone else, then use PayPal to send them money after you receive your merchandise or service. The website builder behind this online store must be an expert in matters Ecommerce Web Design. Users have been using eBay since 1994 and currently have over 235 million active users per month worldwide.

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8. PrestaShop

PrestaShop Ecommerce Website Design

PrestaShop is a comprehensive eCommerce Solution which offers you a wide array of features including: Magento compatible checkout, payment gateways such as PayPal and Skrill, user registration, order history/tracking/fulfillment services like Google Analytics, Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, order fulfillment in multiple languages e.t.c.

9. OpenCart

OpenCart Ecommerce Website Design

OpenCart is an eCommerce platform. It is a PHP based shopping cart software designed to enhance online shopping experience. OpenCart has been designed by experienced website builder to make your online store faster, more reliable and easier to use. It is open source, which means that you can customize it as per your needs.

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