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5 Innovative recycling apps that make a difference

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7 innovative recycling apps that make a difference

1. RecycleSmart

RecycleSmart Recycling app

RecycleSmart is a mobile app and is one of the most comprehensive recycling apps. It was built as a mobile app with Planet Ark in partnership. This app allows setting location and finding the closest recycling spots to drop-off. This mobile app is suitable for iOS and Android devices.  The user-friendly app features Innovative Tech Solutions such as search functionality. It allows easy search for items that users may type or browse the categories to learn if an item is compostable and recyclable.

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2. Recycle

Recycle Recycling app

Recycle is one of the mobile applications that provide its residents the information about collection times, recycling, and recyclable items. It also includes wrong collections done and the potential hazards in its latest news. The app allows receiving reminders at a specific time, but you must be ready with the waste to enable fast pickup. The app helps to know the collection points around you and their closing and opening hours.

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3. iRecycle

iRecycle Recycling app

iRecycle is an organization that works to help people around the world to know about recycling. They spread the initiative to find accessible recycling venues close to your area. It is one of the Innovative Tech Solutions that also suggests a million recycling ways of different materials. It has a search directory allowing users to look for all types of products from household to automotive and gives relevant information about the drop point, phone number, location address, and opening hours.

4. Grow recycling

Grow recycling Innovative Tech Solutions

An Eco-friendly Business is Grow recycling. It is a preschool kid’s game that is fun about recycling. It is a great way for parents and kids to learn about recycling and how to use carefully the planet’s resources. Recycling bins and their garbage teaches kids to know the recyclable’s characteristics. The trash is made using new products. Grow Recycling is used by thousands of preschools and schools in Europe and the USA as sustainability education.

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5. Recycle Right

Recycle Right Innovative Tech Solutions

The mobile app of Recycle Right is one of the Smart Waste Management Technologies. It improves the knowledge on recycling and makes people understand the items that go in bins to improve recycling. Users can choose their areas to know the drop-off nearest recycling locations for different items. The app features helpful categories and advice that work as Handy Tips, providing information on creating work farms, preparing compost, and using real nappies. It also has sections teaching you to make use of the Leftover food in recipes so that the users do not waste food. It is also a way of saving food and maintaining an Eco-friendly Business.

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