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5 Innovations for Recycling and Replacing Plastics

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Innovative technology has made it possible for manufacturers to consider ways and means to protect the environment from deteriorating further. One such issue that has amassed significant concern is the growing amount of plastic waste! This material is known to be durable and according to scientists can survive over several centuries. This means if adequate measure is not taken, the world will be filled with plastic. Fortunately, there are few innovations involving replacing, up-cycling or recycling plastic.

Plastic products

It was in 1907 that plastic was invented in New York by Leo Baekeland. He named it plastic. Over time, it became to be among the most popular materials used by manufacturers to develop various types of affordable consumer appliances. It can be seen just about anywhere and in various forms. Literally, the current world is flooded with plastic. Scientists predict that by 2050, the amount of plastics thrown in the ocean is likely to be much more than fishes present. Hence, it becomes important to use innovative techniques and nanotechnology to tackle such situations.

5 useful Recycling and Replacing Plastics tips

1. Eco-Bricks:

Low income countries are fast accumulating plastic waste in huge amounts that is indeed a serious concern. The question is can something useful be done with the accumulated plastic? The initiative of Ecobrick’s does offer a solid, creative answer. Plastic bottles should be emptied and then filled with single use, dried, clean plastics. It needs to be stuffed to the brink inside and there should not be present any space between them. It tends to make them resistant as well as function alike an eco-brick. This material can be used in the form of reusable building blocks to serve different purposes. It includes constructing walls, stages, beds or tables. Rather it s possible to construct a building with recycled plastic! When used creatively, it can offer affordable housing solutions.

Eco bricks replacing plastics recycling

2. Plastic roads:

It is necessary to ensure plastics do not reach landfills and oceans any more. Hence, a few companies globally have been trying to use innovative technology to melt plastic products. They combine additives and use this mixture for paving roadways. Plastic roadways can be constructed with the recycled material using just single use plastics. It helps significantly reduce carbon footprint.

3. Plastic refugee shelters:

The fact is the homeless and refugee numbers have been increasing with each passing day. Hence, affordable housing solutions are the need of the day. Plastic engineering companies have been testing and designing reusable shelters to accommodate this growing population. The materials used to construct such shelters are generally created from recycled plastic waste. It is rather termed to be an easy to construct and low cost housing option. It is likely to be in huge demand in the near future and can contribute towards eliminating plastic waste.

4. 3D printed Street Furniture:

Plastic wastes generated in households can now be used to construct urban furniture! It is indeed a reality and termed to be durable, attractive and a cost-effective option. It generally uses parts collected from different plastic recycled products. They are then transformed to innovative products, thereby breathing new life in them. Nanotechnology can be used to created myriads of products from recycled plastic wastes.

5. Plastic created from wood:

Compostable multi-layer material is created from forestry and agricultural by-products. It is used to package various types of items like rice, dried fruits, nuts and muesli. Such wood by-products tend to contain in them cellulose, considered to be the most available renewable polymer. It is also stated to be an environmental friendly and viable alternative to using fossil fuel dependent multi-layered plastic packaging.

Modern technology has enabled Recycling and Replacing Plastics to be converted into new, usable, durable products.

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