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Prepping For Your Call? Save Time By Automating The Contact And Increasing Your Productivity With Our Powerful Business Automation Tool

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With fast-paced technology, it is important to have your contacts digitized that can keep all your network of contacts organized, easy to share & search and also keeping your privacy. CardByte is the 1st Digital card-based contact management that has embraced the innovations of automating and digitization contacts in the most efficient & productive manner. CardByte boasts of Digital business cards that build quality connections, place individuals at the center of their networks, improve professional productivity and reduce environmental impact. We operate based on the idea that all enterprises should be able to form a cohesive network. Our contact management app helps to do this to increase efficiency and productivity multiple times.

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CardByte helps everyone create personalized, digital business cards with their brief profile, social media handles and website links. These cards can be shared through e-share, mailed, or scanned via QR codes in a manner of seconds – whichever is most convenient. In addition, CardByte makes it easy to organize contacts by scanning paper business cards into the app.

CardByte is committed to transforming the new era of professional networks.
Chartered Accountant and a very successful entrepreneur Navinn Kapur founded CardByte and brought in 2 Co-founders with technology and product domains to be part of this new Global venture. His insights were founded on personal experience:

Whereas he could not find an application to manage his contact information updated n real-time & managed efficiently, and thereby loosing profitability due to inefficiency. Navinn’s passion for change sparked CardByte and is helping businesses to manage their database efficiently and keeping updated in real-time. Businesses are no longer worried on loss or theft of data.

Alok Jain, a technology wizard, with deep knowledge of the latest technology in the field of AI, machine learning & product development, is the leading technology for CardByte. He understands what it takes to achieve goals and his big-picture thinking knows no bounds.

Dhruv is the product owner and founding member at CardByte. His role encompasses working on product strategy, product organization, and product development. He has worked with organizations such as Deloitte Consulting and Capgemini both in the United States and India, advising Fortune 500 clients on their Digital Transformation journey through AI and ML.

CardByte Productivity

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Roma Kapur, an advisor, and board member, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Finance Leader with extensive global experience in value creation, helping to build dynamic companies. She is an expert in financial planning and analysis, reporting and controlling, and managing funds in large international companies.

According to Navin Kapur, the idea for Contact Management Automation and Digital Card came to him back in 2013 when he was an entrepreneur. Managing a 150-million-dollar global company, then about 200 employees, a Global venture in software solutions.

He added that the company had over 1000 customers spread across multiple offices in India and overseas. He noticed that for any solution positioning and delivery at the customer place, teams across various departments were involved and every segment of team leaders contacted their counterparts to deliver successful projects.

Enterprises face colossal data loss of customers as organizations have no mechanism to track contacts established, business cards exchanged, introductions made by their employees, and manual feeding of Data ib CRMs. Studies suggest huge number of opportunities are lost when contacts are unorganized, unmapped and not timely accessible and contacts are shared within colleagues.

To stand out, CardByte has already developed MVP and launched it in the market in April 2022. The results were very encouraging, and traction was gotten from unexpected customers.

CardByte has also witnessed people across all segments joining in. These people comprise a new age networking platform, like agriculturists and related industries, blue-collar workers, Retailers, Healthcare, Travel and Logistics, Construction, and related Industries, apart from BFSI, manufacturing, and IT. Start-Up India recognizes CardByte by the government of India.

CardByte was also acknowledged, recognized, and accredited by the prestigious “Microsoft for Startups” program, with rewards up to USD 150,000. The company is now part of a new online world where intense networking makes up the base of the everyday functioning of any business or professional.

CardByte’s customers are spread across all spectrums of business users, and the app can be a handy tool for businesses & enterprises at every level. CardByte is only platform that will help to connect and network with colleagues seamlessly.

They are also the first to have launched a freemium version to test the markets and the response has been tremendous, with minimal marketing spending. CardByte has also acquired its first B2B customer, and the feedback is also quite positive.

In today’s digitized world, businesses cannot afford not to be automated. Digital transformation is no longer a choice but a necessity for success. Sharing of Business cards are important for every business meeting and have become a social norm.

Every day, digital transactions are the norm for consumers. But for social interactions or business introductions, they revert to the traditional way-paper visiting cards.

Studies show that 88% of them are thrown away within the first week and these cards cannot be recycled and become part of landfills. That is why there is a need for more awareness about adopting digital cards. Adopting them is an opportunity for everyone from individuals to enterprises, who will reduce their carbon footprint, strengthen ESG goals and live more eco-friendly lives.

Time-saving methods like well-organized contacts are important for increasing productivity and efficiency, which leads to higher revenue streams and profitability. The primary goal of CardByte is to take it to an international level and make it the single-stop solution for the contact management needs of businesses, corporations and working professionals.

The company is expected to break very soon based on users’ adoption. India has over 750 million smartphone users, so with 2-3% of users adopting subscriptions, CardByte would be a very profitable venture. Presently the project has been self-funded for the last two years. However,

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CardByte is looking for investors and expecting to raise funding to help further build their tech offerings through the ‘enterprise’ version of the app. The team has already started working on the technology, and the company hopes to roll out the enterprise version soon.

CardByte is a Made in India networking platform, and all Indians are encouraged to create an account on the site. The service is currently only available in India, but with time it has hopes of expanding globally.

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