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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends in 2020

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With technology advancing at a fast pace, it is high time you followed the common trends in 2020. With proper research & understanding, you can take full advantage of changing machine learning and AI trends.

Current Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Trends 2020

  • ML Framework Competition: Last year’s key trend in ML was the TensorFlow vs. PyTorch competition. Although TensorFlow 2 had execution default & Keras integrated mode, it was eventually overtaken by PyTorch as the choice of framework for AI research. The latter can be integrated easily with Python. It is also easy to use & simple and can be accessed without putting in much effort for its setup. Moreover, when performance is concerned, PyTorch offers good speed and is technologically superior. But more business solutions are offered by TensorFlow. The common framework for research purposes is PyTorch. However, businesses are still making use of TensorFlow in 2020.
  • AI helps fight COVID-19: Reports by W.H.O. in early February 2020 have revealed big data & AI playing a crucial role in combating COVID-19. Several applications are present including:
    • Baidu, a Chinese company has developed an AI system that can predict passengers’ body temperatures using infrared technology. It was used at Qinghe Railway Station, Beijing. Such AI trends are now being followed across the globe.
    • Thermal cameras are used to check the body temperatures of people entering busy places like government buildings, public transport, etc.

Thermal cameras

    • Alibaba, an eCommerce giant has developed the StructBERT NLP model. It can help fight Covid-19 and offers healthcare data analysis.
    • Robots are deployed to ensure ‘contactless delivery’ to help medical staff & isolated individuals.
  • RL (Reinforcement Learning): This is one of the popular machine learning trends in 2020. This specialized deep learning is designed to improve itself using its own experiences. It is predicted to be AI’s future. When reinforcement learning AI is concerned, the algorithm learns simply by performing. The actions initially are carried out at random. Eventually, this logical process attempts to derive certain goals. Such actions are rewarded or punished by the operator, while the results are inserted within the network to train AI. RI can help stimulate human creativity within the machine. This is done by running several scenarios. It can be used to finish complex behavioral tasks and found to be an ideal solution to solve optimization problems. One such example of RI learning’s effect is Self-improving chatbots. Users can solve certain problems using goal-oriented chatbots like booking an appointment or ticket for an event. RI learning can also be used to train the chatbots using the trial & error method. Thus, it can be developed into successful, completely automated customer personnel. This is one of ai trends that are sure to be popular with time.

Machine learning

  • AI Analysis to Predict Business: The other popular AI trends in 2020 are ML-based time-series analysis. This technique analyzes data series with time. With proper usage, it aggregates & analyzes data and allows managers to use this data to make crucial decisions. Complex calculations can be processed with an ML network. Statistical models can be applied to structured data, which is considered to be a significant improvement over traditional techniques used. 90%-95% greater accuracy can be derived in forecasts with ML-boosted analysis. By training properly AI network, it can efficiently capture your business features like cross-correlation and seasonality in retail forecasting demand. Machine learning trends in 2020 are getting popular. There is an emerging demand to apply recurrent neural networks to forecast and for time-series analysis. Learn more about the differences between ANN vs CNN vs RNN to see which one would be the best for your needs.

You need to be aware of the latest AI & machine learning trends in 2020 to stay advanced and beat the competition.

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