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Home News Drone Academy Made Fun and Innovation at Asansol Engineering College

Drone Academy Made Fun and Innovation at Asansol Engineering College

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DRONE/UAV’s, Nowadays are used frequently in all kinds of fields, including delivering Goods, Pesticides Spraying, Surveillance, search-and-rescue operations, Medicine Supply and Much More.

Plenty of quotes, motivational speeches and technological views of experts always attempt to push engineering students towards the way to apply their imaginations with their existing knowledge to produce an innovative device, therefore, many engineering institutes organize workshops time to time to innovate their students. Likewise, Asansol Engineering College, Asansol, W/B, India, organized awareness workshop in association with ‘Samhams Technologies’, related to ‘Dynamic remotely operated navigation equipment (DRONE)’ technology.


Presently, we all are aware of Drones and their applications in the mostly sector. Apart from its applications, it can be considered as a perfect device for the students to learn about the real-time aspects of physics and mathematics.


Approximately, 120 students participated in 6 days workshop to obtain the knowledge regarding the elements related to Drone, comprise air vehicle elements, data-link & communication, and the ground control station.

Mr. Shaik Sameer, Mr. Abul Kalam Khan and Mr. Jahangeer mirza from Samhams Technologies delivered the knowledge to the students regarding the UAV designing, UAV troubleshooting, UAV piloting and the flight controller related algorithms under the supervision of Mr. Puri. Real-time operations of the drones inside their campus delighted the students.


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