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HomeResourceAn Unmanned Technology Workshop Organized By Samhams Technologies In GITS Udaipur India

An Unmanned Technology Workshop Organized By Samhams Technologies In GITS Udaipur India

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As time passes, unmanned technology grasps out the empire of pre-existing manned technology. Encountering UAVs such as quadcopters in daily life is considered a very normal thing presently, implemented in numerous vital applications like aerial photography, surveying, cargo delivery, etc. Many universities and colleges started the case study of unmanned aerial vehicles to reform the new courses for students. Some of them are inviting private companies to organize UAV workshops to provide hands-on training to students of different engineering branches.

In the latest coverage, Samhams Technologies, a Nellore, India-based drone manufacturing company, organized a 3-day workshop at Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies Udaipur. Approximately 90 students participated in this workshop to acquire knowledge regarding UAVs. Mr. Shaik Sameer, Mr. Abul Kalam Khan, and Mr. Jahangeer Mirza instructed the participants about the elements of this cutting-edge technology, such as structure design, mission control, and piloting, under the supervision of Dr. Rajeev Mathur (Dean).

Geetanjali institute of technical studies unmanned technology

The purpose of this workshop was to provide cognitive skills regarding the formulation of real-time variables and piloting.

Article Contributed by Mr. Abul Kalam Khan|Samhams Technologies

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