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MOVE IT MOVE IT – AI One-Stop Logistics Platform

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In Hong Kong or even around the world, people are frequently relocating, Here MOVE IT MOVE IT is a logistics platform leading to a trend of people moving around. Therefore, relocation is a necessity in the near future. Relocating is one thing that plays a crucial role in human life.

People may relocate for a variety of reasons, including house moves, office location changes, temporary events, or even their entire business.

The process can be overwhelming at times, making relocating appear more difficult than it is. Several companies have been established with the primary aim of assisting with relocation processes.

However, discovering a trustworthy moving company that offers effective and efficient service can often be an even greater challenge.

MOVE IT MOVE IT is a logistics platform powered by big data and AI furniture detection technology that advocates for tech innovation in green logistics.

This is a platform that helps to connect clients and service suppliers by providing clients with a one-stop moving service that transforms the traditional logistics industry. The company aims to create a comprehensive property ecosystem for the smarter city of the future.

MOVE IT MOVE IT was founded by Ronald. A man with expertise in project management, process design, and facility construction. Ronald has a logistics family background and notable experience in the world of Civil Engineering. His career has equipped him with the experience needed to liaise with design consultants, architects, contractors, and external stakeholders.

He devoted himself to pursuing business success and led the company to the successful acquisition of Angel Fund from HK Tech 300 and the awarding of extra funding support from Cyberport Incubation.

He believes that using household data for analytics is one of the most essential sources of information that may contribute to a more sustainable property ecosystem. This school of thought has guided his decisions in the past.

Move it move it

Ronald spent most of his weekends working for his parents’ company, driving deliveries, moving furniture, and coordinating with clients to facilitate removals. During the process, he realized that there was a lot of room for streamlining the entire system and making sure all parties were working smoothly together. This idea gave birth to this unique platform.

MOVE IT MOVE IT is a Hong Kong-based start-up company founded in October 2021. The initial business development of the company in Hong Kong was the first launch market, which is a well-developed logistics industry city. So far, the company has integrated scientific and technological innovation into the traditional industry.

As a pioneer in changing the traditional moving process with AI technology, the company has analyzed the needs of its clients and fully understands their pain points.

By saving time and human resources through AI technology, the use of this platform provides services that can bring more long-term benefits to traditional logistics firms than the traditional logistics market.

Currently, most logistics platforms provide services based on drivers joining the platform individually but MOVE IT MOVE IT takes a different route.

The service providers that are invited first are the logistics companies in order to provide a guaranteed and well-trained standardized service.

This will greatly improve the customer’s consumption experience and the company believes that this will help them to stand out in the future market.

The platform connects clients and service suppliers, including moving firms, logistics firms, recycling firms, storage firms, reselling furniture stores, etc., for residential, commercial, and event relocation.

Through the effective and efficient utilization of furniture-detecting technology and integrated solutions, the company delivers data visualization of properties’ and customers’ status.

The company provides services as a SaaS platform for B2B clients to streamline fleet management for delivery & relocation progress. Currently, discussions are being made with some biomedical companies and furniture companies about providing them with valuable services.

In this way, the company can better understand its needs and make its product more market-fit. For B2B, there is a central logistics management control system for enterprise customers through mobile apps and the web.

This enables enterprises to track and manage the fleet’s status conveniently. With data visualization, various teams in the organization can now tailor features to meet the needs of several businesses, such as order scheduling, real-time data display, and performance management.

The company could go paperless about fleet management services and also use data visualization to make businesses more efficient.

For B2C, the company provides comprehensive relocation services and has over fifty trucks, two storage partners, two recycling firms, and two insurance coverages that help to provide relocation, pack, unpack, dismantle, assemble storage, and disposal services.

MOVE IT MOVE IT is a third-party logistics platform, and the service method is to create connections for customers and service providers to form a one-stop service.

The platform helps to integrate different industries in the property ecosystem, including diversified service providers into the platform and combines AI technology elements to standardize the transportation process.

This can improve effective communication between enterprises and bring positive competition to the market.

Additionally, the digital transformation of the traditional logistics industry will also contribute to reducing the repetitive and human-dependent traditional work model. MOVE IT MOVE IT is committed to the use of artificial intelligence technology to create a complete home ecosystem so that customers can improve their quality of life.

Therefore, when more and more stakeholders join the platform, more stable resources can be brought to the platform’s operation.

So far, the platform has thrived by receiving funding and awards, and they have been able to sustain themselves through these and many more creative methods.

Additionally, there are currently vital discussions with some corporations that could bring in revenue. However, the company is also looking for investors for extra funding in the sum of about one million US dollars.

MOVE IT MOVE IT is presently digitalizing the traditional relocation industry through its all-in-one logistics platform. With the use of data and artificial intelligence, the platform can now provide customers with a reliable and seamless service, saving both time and cost. This is a unique platform in today’s world.

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