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Most Innovative Startup Companies in Toy Industry

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When you look around you, you will be able to find any high-tech and also interactive toy components that can keep kids in front of any screens, such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones, etc. However, this situation can be very challenging because it cannot develop kids’ brains significantly. Many studies have found that children may benefit from things, such as playing with both hands, building with blocks, and staying away from screens at least for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Because of this reason, many startup companies are trying to develop the best toys in the future.

1. Bedtime Stories, Austria

It is a storytelling app that is suitable for all parents. You will not only read the stories, but you can tell your kids in your own words. Every world in this app contains bundles of 5 different stories with some familiar characters and settings. You can find some randomly generated storylines that are good for any genre. You can get access to millions of possible stories with surprise twists and interactive ideas from this app. This app is updated regularly, in order to offer the best experience for all users. Your kids will be very happy to enjoy any stories from this app.

2. Anki Cozmo from USA

If you want to buy the best toy for your kids, you can consider this toy as your favorite item. This gifted little guy has its incredible mind of his own. This is a real-life robot that is similar to any robots from the movies. This robot has a one-of-a-kind personality that can envolve every time you hang out with this robot. He will nudge you to play when you turn it on. He is going to keep you surprised constantly. This robot has powerful technology that can let him explore the world and make any decisions based on his own mood.

3. Littlebits, USA

This is another popular startup company in the toy industry. This company is very well-known for robotic kits that are suitable for any children. These kits may include all basic coding, electronic engineering, and any other popular technology for all children. One of the most popular innovations from this company is its unique elements, such as motors, LEDs, switches, and any other elements. These elements can be snapped together by using their magnetic system. It is the next generation of LEGO set with smart bricks.

4. Loog, Uruguay

You can read a lot of good reviews about this Loog platform. Many kids are happy when they use any features from this app. It is an app that can bring a lot of benefits for all children. Your kids can get a lot of benefits by learning their favorite instruments. It is a kickstarted company from Uruguay. This startup company receives Uruguay Innovation Agency for its incredible products and services. This company has famous DIY guitars that are very suitable for little people with little hands. You can visit its website to learn more about all the features of this unit.

5. Osmo, USA

This startup company is very famous in the toy industry. There are a lot of innovative products that are offered by this company. It is an award-winning game that can change the way your children interact with the iPhone and iPad. When they open their mobile devices, this app is going to offer the best gaming experience for all children. You can simply put your iPad with the Osmo base under the camera. You will see many interesting things from your tablet’s screen. It can change the overall way on how children can play their favorite iPad or iPhone.

6. Tegu, Honduras

Many toy companies produce regular toys for kids without thinking beyond that. Tegu has 2 main goals for encouraging free play among all children and also pursuing profit through economic development in the Honduran manufacturing hub. This company works by customizing the oldest toy in the world called blocks. All of its blocks are equipped with a magnet, so they can be very interesting for most children. All kids are able to create their favorite buildings based on their preferences by using these magnetized blocks. Its blocks are made from durable materials that have minimum maintenance requirements.

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