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5 Ways Technology Is Changing Customer Service

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There’s so much excitement about new technologies in the business world. Some of the new techniques and devices have made customers more connected than ever. Not only this, but the latest tech has also helped customer service teams do their jobs more efficiently. And with the way technology is advancing, it’s safe to say it will impact customer service even more in the future. But how exactly is technology changing customer service? Read on to find out.

Chatbots have become a thing

You know how people always talk about artificial intelligence changing the world? Well, robots aren’t there just yet but they’ve certainly found their use in customer service. Most companies now allow their customers to contact them through their website and use chatbots to route them to the right place. This makes it easier for the customer service team to operate and gather information before they speak to the customer. If you want to take your customer service to another level, the use of chatbots will allow you to offer 24/7 customer service which is exactly what people want these days.


Video communication is gaining popularity

The entire internet is shifting towards video. Companies are trying to make viral videos and live videos are constantly becoming more popular. However, video is also being used in customer service. Nothing facilitates openness like eye contact and offering customer service through Skype is a great idea. Another reason to consider video communication is because it makes your customer team more efficient. Moreover, it increases trustworthiness of your company which is always a big plus. Just bear in mind that scheduling face-to-face meetings with your customers may not be as easy as it seems.

Customer service is now data-driven

In 2019, companies are going to rely on data more than ever before and this is guaranteed to have a huge impact on customer service. The more data you manage to collect, the more your customer service team will be able to improve. And the same goes for your product or service. We should also mention that there are customer satisfaction survey experts you can turn to and have them help you collect data. They can have your customers rate your service and provide you with specific feedback on what you should improve and how. Also, your customers can leave you reviews on social media and we recommend taking a look at every comment on your posts.

Self-service has become a necessity


One of the biggest problems with traditional customer service was that nobody wanted to pick up a phone and actually call customer service. People prefer typing and will rather ask Google for help. People in the business world have realized this and that’s why most companies now provide their customers with even more options than before. For instance, customers now have the ability to comment or ask any questions they might have directly on the piece of content they’re looking at. With that said, consider adding a comment section for every product or service you offer on your website. Of course, answering every question you get is vital.

Social media is now a standard tool

If you want to offer quality customer service, using social media is a must. People use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a daily basis and contacting customer service through them is extremely convenient. They’ll get a notification as soon as your customer service team responds which means they don’t even have to check their email. If you plan to offer customer service through social media, don’t forget that every conversation can be shared with millions of people who’re using it. Just make sure your customer service team is polite at all times and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Avoiding arguments in the comment section is also a good idea.

In the last couple of years, we saw plenty of new technology trends emerge and some of these are shaping the world of customer service. And with quality customer service being one of the most important elements of running a business, we recommend keeping up with these trends and relying on any piece of technology that’ll help you keep your customers satisfied.

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