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Most Effective Ways to Promote a Law Firm Online

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Regardless of how positive your reputation might be as a legal firm, your business will face several challenges if you aren’t proactive about generating new leads. In today’s world, the most effective way of attracting new clients to your business is through the Internet. By leveraging the exposure you can build for your legal firm online, you have a higher chance of staying ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the best ways to promote your legal firm online.

Build Your Personal Brand

According to research by LexisNexis and Martindale-Hubbell, about 85% of legal firms discover that most of the traffic to their websites is directed at the bio pages of specific lawyers. This is because many potential clients are always looking to hire a person, not a firm. Every lawyer in your legal firm had to take active steps to advertise their personal brand on the internet.

Generate Content

One effective method of attracting potential clients to your firm’s website is by providing them with valuable content. This will not only attract prospective clients to your website but also ensure they remain engaged. Developing a publishing schedule is also a great idea, as this will aid you in planning posts before time. All this will boost brand awareness and establish your firm and its lawyers as experts.

Get Social

Get social law firm online

Besides encouraging your lawyers to become more active on social media, it is also a great idea for the firm in general to have accounts. Some of the best social media platforms have company accounts on include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Social media is one of the best ways to connect with other industry pros and prospective clients.

Optimize Your Firm’s Website for Lead Conversion

Your website is the central hub, so if potential clients are visiting your website only to browse, you’ll have to make certain changes that can transform these visitors into leads. For instance, adding a call-to-action to your email campaigns, website, all your articles, marketing material, and ads will tell visitors exactly what you need them to do. Several law firms also utilize a live chat feature to encourage visitors to reach out to the firm.

Create Videos

YouTube is owned by Google, so every video posted on the platform will be recognized by Google searches. This is why it’s a great idea to invest in producing some videos that can be posted on YouTube and shared on your website. Juggling this all by yourself, alongside other company tasks can be somewhat challenging. So, you can consider hiring content creators to help out with this. These videos will help prospective clients feel connected with your law firm.

Monitor the Results of Your Online Marketing Strategies

All going through all that effort to direct more traffic to your firm’s website, it’s now time to find out if any of these marketing strategies are working. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by utilizing Google Analytics to monitor your site’s visitors to find out what exactly they’re doing on your site, how they located you, and where they’re coming from. With this information, you can discover which marketing efforts are functional and which require some tweaking.

With the help of these six guidelines, you will stay on the right track and remain ahead of the competition. Promoting your legal firm online will definitely yield positive results. All it takes is lots of planning and patience.

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