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How Do Startup Incubators Make Money?

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A major objective of an incubator is to assist a startup growth. Incubators solve issues of the startups and provide workspace, training, or other resources.  Do you know how do startup incubators make money?  Yes, incubators make money as startups become successful. They earn money in different ways.

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How do startup incubators make money?

Here are 4 ways of offering a fundamental understanding of how do startup incubators make money.

  1. The first most common way of making money is by delivering the incubation program that offers broader benefits.

Anyone providing incubation services is taking a high risk. It involves more commitment that they spend time generously with the startup entrepreneurs in their ventures.  Thus, making money and earning profit is essential for incubator services, growth, and sustainability.

  1. Understanding that a running incubator offers incredible marginal, though it is challenging.

Making money is not easy. It needs one to take a harder route of providing expert advice. There is a learning design of world-class quality for unknown startup individuals. It includes untested ideas, variable commitment, no revenue, and most fail to see success. There is a need for the incubator to teach startups with ideas to get a margin to earn.

  1. Most organizations have multiple revenue streams offering incubation services.

Universities, government agencies, co-working spaces, consultancies, and chambers of commerce, do many things other than incubating startups.

Some directly sell to the startups the incubation services and make money. It is sold to sponsors, as well. Indirect sales earn money such that their incubation service leads to acquiring other services. Linking other revenue streams to incubation services allows taking a loss on delivery. It is because it is an investment.

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  1. Government grants are not sustainable or recurring revenue.

Some incubators invite government grants. However, grants in an area is a co-investment in limited aspects of projects. It is within the set timeframes revealing how do startup incubators make money. The incubators can attain outcomes such as lifting the mentoring quality or also by introducing international experts. Grant funding may be available for a year or two. It is replaced to sustain service quality and reach.

Now, how do startup incubators make money specifically?

There are direct ways to earn revenue, and it includes:

  1. a) Government, Corporate, or investor sponsorship.

A government, company, or other investors pay the incubator to run. It is because they wish to see first, invest, or access the startups. It is the reason they hire an incubator (a third party) so that they can focus on the benefits.

  1. b) Profit by ventures from liquidity events that have their equity.

The incubator is an accelerator. He may run a VC firm seeing on their investment ten times return. It is the pipeline(accelerator) and a way to filter investments and to de-risk.

  1. c) Participants pay for participation.

An incubator charges the participants who are the startups. They pay as they can get quality advisers, connections, and content. But for an incubator, it may be inaccessible or expensive.

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Indirect ways that the incubators can earn money include:

Ways that the incubators can earn money Startup Incubators

  1. a) Selling more services to the startups.

Chances are that you develop affiliations and relationships through a program. It becomes attractive to rent office space, a desk, lab access, or to pay a membership fee as a part of the network.

  1. b) Selling the processes, talent, and lessons, to others.

People running incubators see hundreds or dozens of startups. Thus, you can become an expert in advising or seeking help. Whether it is a template, tools, methods, consulting hours, books, grant writing, professional services, or others, it is worthwhile.

Again, how do startup incubators make money; includes many variations on direct and indirect models.

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