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A Guide to Government Support for Small Businesses

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A lot of people are not aware of what type of support they can take up from the governments for small businesses or startups. There is an array of services that you can choose to apply for and get granted by the government. In the below list we give you certain things and ways the government of the United Kingdom is ready to help your business in more ways than one.

List of support channels open for startups

  • Visiting the government website: One of the first things that you can choose to do is visit the government website to have access to all information on the support services that it has to offer. Starting with loans for small businesses and grants they have all the information that you require help on.

Small businesses visiting the government website

  • Support helpline: There is a government support helpline number anyone can get in touch with. With providing help for startups before starting up and after starting up they are there to help you with any questions that you may have.
  • Providing local help: To make things easier for local businesses that are in need of help they have 38 hubs that you can use to seek help for any business that you plan on. You can use the growth hub finder to seek local help for small businesses or startups.
  • Support in financing: This is another aspect they support in terms of you having a small business. It provides new enterprise allowance, investment, and startup loans for companies.
  • Training: There are facilities that can equip you with different pieces of training that are required for startups to get them rolling. These programs can also be accessed on their website with all information loaded on it.
  • Tax reliefs: This is also another section that has various programs that come under it that you can make use of to get relief from taxes and other fees.
  • Business support programs: Apart from the training that they offer you can also make use of this section that gives various training programs. From the various courses offered you can take anything that is suggested by experts or professionals to get yourself started on your business.

As mentioned above, these are only a few of the aspects that are listed out here for understanding the basics of help offered by the government. As a small business or a startup, you can get in touch with the government website directly to make use of their programs. These can ensure that you become a successful entrepreneur with the help of the government by all means.

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