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Mastering SEO: The Power of Editorial Links

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Anyone who is attempting to leverage the Internet in their favor with growth and visibility in mind has heard the term SEO, search engine optimization. Don’t let this technical acronym get you rattled. There are tons of ways to improve SEO skills and boost the things that matter the most to you, whether it’s social media, small business, ecommerce or something else. Formatting, descriptions, hashtags, titles, keywords and a whole lot more are just some of the ways SEO is accomplished. Links are another great SEO tool that you should be aware of if you plan on increasing your visibility and your search engine ranking. In fact, editorial links can be a pretty powerful tool when you do it mindfully and correctly. Here’s some tips on incorporating editorial links in your sites and postings.

What are editorial links?

An editorial link is a backlink that directs traffic to your site from another site. These types of links are usually more useful when they come from a large, authoritative site, but they can also be useful when coming from smaller niche sites. When large publications like Forbes or NerdWallet provide editorial links, it means that your content is something that is valuable to a larger and broader audience. These links can’t be bought or begged, which is why they’re such a powerful part of SEO. And when you’re working with the best link building services, you can fast track your SEO success and see your business grow a better online presence.

Editorial Link Benefits

Editorial link benefits

In short, editorial links bring improved SEO and maybe even a spot on the first search page when someone searches keywords associated with your industry or business. This translates to more web traffic and increased revenue if you’re great at converting traffic into profits. Editorial links help you build your brand and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Keep in mind that in order to receive these benefits, you’ve got to be providing quality and valuable content that appeals to your audience. The more you build relationships and partnerships with others, the more likely you are to get noticed by the right entities and people.

Getting Editorial Links

Since buying and requesting editorial links aren’t a viable option, we have to work for them. And that means providing high quality, valuable content. It also involves some research. Take a look at some of your competitor’s links with a backlink research tool. This will show you what types of sites are giving them editorial links and for what content so you can see what needs to be done better. This research tool can also help you locate broken links and suggest to the site other links that are current and resourceful, including yours. It also helps to keep your content up to date and your site’s upload and download speeds up.

For many, SEO can seem scary and intimidating, but with a little bit of the right kind of help, like an editorial link from Mashable, your site’s SEO can soar. There’s a lot of power that comes with editorial links, and although they’re not the easiest SEO puzzle piece to place, it’s a lot more accessible than many people think with a little research and ingenuity.

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