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Why Does Your Business Need an Animated Explainer Video?

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People these days look up for visual representation of products or services in video format. It shows that video is the chief player on the internet. If a video-based campaign is not a top priority for your business, it can be a loss for your growth. Even a study shows that 80% of the total internet traffic will come via videos by 2021.

Hence, you must invest in an animated explainer video for your business. You will miss out on a massive opportunity if you are not harnessing the impact of this medium. People mostly link up explainer videos to something lively and not threatening. And the best part is that people of all age groups love to watch animated videos. If you’re still not convinced, check out the following reasons to invest in this channel:

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What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a tiny animated video that explains your business product or service-related concepts to viewers in a simple way. You can also get professional help from animated explainer video production company, these experts create short animated videos for your business that drive enormous results.

As per research, the human brain processes visuals over 50,000 times quicker than written contents or text. Hence, if your business also wishes to augment its retention rate by describing the unfamiliar concepts, then explainer videos will be perfect for achieving these demands concisely.

Animated Videos Boost Your Conversion Rate

Every business desires to convert a large number of visitors into leads and boost their business productivity. If you do video marketing by adding an explainer video on your website, you can conveniently convert visitors into energetic buyers.

Furthermore, nearly 85% of people buy after watching an explainer video. You cannot deny that the higher the number of conversions you experience, the more business sales you will witness.

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You Get Attention 

In the contemporary age, attention is an imperative asset for any business. It is extremely challenging to catch the attention of people. Your business can attract the audience if you have something entertaining and engaging, and here an animated explainer video can do wonders.

Moreover, the human brain gets more fascinated by entertainment videos than conventional web content. If you look at a convincing animated video, it compels you to watch it until the end. A video stirs your curiosity and offers a comfortable and exciting way to understand fresh concepts.

Similarly, once you have an embedded short explainer video in your blog, your page load speed does not slow down the way other showy images and other bulky items do.

Videos Boost Your Social Shares

Boosting Social Media Shares Animated Explainer Videos

Every business wants its content to be shared on the web. Well, if you can fulfil this purpose with an exciting and informative animated explainer clip, don’t miss out on it. After all, the higher your brand awareness, the more will be your business sales.

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Hence, instructive explainer videos can help you get brilliant results and stay competitive. When you upload your animated video on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., it offers your business more chances to get viral.

Once your business video is viral, you do not need to do anything because it becomes effortless to draw the consumers’ interest and boost the number of leads and sales.

According to a study, 93% of the businesses who post videos on social media have seen a marvellous growth in their business sales.

Your Business Can Make a Place in Consumers Mind 

There is no point in posting content if the users do not understand what your business is trying to convey with it. At the same time, the retention rate of the explainer video is amazing. As per statistics, the retention rate of a good and informative explainer video of less than a minute is nearly 77%.

Hence, if your business gives out a hugely valuable message with your explainer video, the chances of people reacting to the video will increase. The explainer video is not just going to break down the ideas for your audience, but it will also glue to your viewers’ minds. As a result, your business will receive a lot of Return on investment from a single explainer video.

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People Love Animated Videos 

When people spend time online, no matter customers or professionals, they watch several videos. It means your business has a unique opportunity to link with both possible and loyal customers with an excellent animated video.

To sum up, you need an animated explainer video because it is a wonderful way to advertise your business and ensure that your brand name is spread across social media and even beyond.

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