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You to Gift: The Best Social Media Giveaway App

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Social media is a powerful platform that allows businesses to establish their brands with the best strategies. Instagram and YouTube are the two popular social media platforms used by businesses to quickly connect with customers. Giveaways are one of the great techniques that let a business increase its brand visibility on social media. It is an event where a business can run a contest for customers and announce the winners with prizes. On the other hand, it is not so easy to host a social media contest without some applications. You to Gift is one of the tools designed for running giveaways on Instagram and YouTube that suit a business.

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What is the You to Gift app?

You to Gift is a one-stop mobile app that comes with a variety of features. It enables a business to host a contest on Instagram with nice prizes. The app provides methods to run giveaways in minutes that help get better prospects. A business can ensure more transparency while using this app, which allows participants to have some control over the giveaway process. One can visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.you.to.gif.t to know more details. Those who want to install the app on apple devices can visit the link https://apps.apple.com/app/you-to-gift-giveaway-picker/id6443965545

What are the features of the You to Gift app?

1. Giveaway winner picker

The giveaway winner picker feature in the You to Gift app allows a business to pick winners from giveaways based on comments and likes. It is suitable for Instagram giveaways that help get the desired results. A business can choose video comments when picking the winners from YouTube giveaways. One should click https://youtogift.com/createoneclick and provide a username or a link to pick an Instagram winner. Moreover, a business can also select the criteria for determining the winner. The app gives ways to change winners when they fall short of requirements in a contest. It even helps to know whether the participants like the comments or not.

2. Export data

This feature provides ways to download giveaway data to a computer and a business. It should determine the type of data, such as likes, comments, or subscribers, during the export process. A user can insert the link to the post or the profile and click on Find to export the likes or comments on the posts. Furthermore, a business can save the data in Excel or CSV format after collecting and processing it. It will help keep the data for future analysis and give ways to make informed decisions. Exporting data allows team members to evaluate the details with more attention.

Export data

3. Random generators

This feature has a random number generator and a random list generator.

A random number generator provides ways to generate a random number within specified limits that help determine a winner.

Random generators

The random list generator enables a business to choose a winner in any giveaway by entering a list of names, phone numbers, etc. in the entry box.

random list generator

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Knowing the You to Gift Pricing

The Gift app has a free plan, and there is no need to pay anything. However, if a business wants to run a large giveaway, it offers two main plans.

1) Winner Selection

A business has to pay $1.49 when the number of comments or likes exceeds 300. The cost for 300 to 2000 comments will be $2.99. Giveaways for 2000 to 5000 comments will cost $3.99, and for 5000 to 10,000 comments, a business has to pay $4.99.

For more than 10000 comments, every subsequent 1000 comments will include an extra 0.2 USD charge.

The prices are applicable for both Instagram and YouTube comments.

2) Data export prices

The data export prices are the same as the winner selection prices. On the other hand, it applies only to Instagram comments.

What are the reasons to use the You to Gift app?

1. Safety

One of the main advantages of using the You to Gift app is that it offers safety to users without providing a username. It doesn’t require any registration process, and a user has to just provide the link to a donation post.

2. Versatility

The You to Gift app enables users to decide the winners based on comments, likes, and profile subscriptions. Additionally, they can download the data and save the details in Excel or other formats. Those who want to install the app on apple devices can visit the link https://apps.apple.com/app/you-to-gift-giveaway-picker/id6443965545.

3. Screen recording

The app will send a reminder before starting and provide ways to save videos to a device’s gallery. A business can post them on its social media profiles to show followers that the winners were chosen fairly.

4. Excellent customer support

New users may face some difficulties while using the app, and they can choose customer support, which is available through live chat, tutorials, and blog posts.

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5. Cost efficient

The app is the best option for social media managers who maintain many accounts, and there is no need to pay for each post. It enables them to run a giveaway an unlimited number of times without any difficulties. Furthermore, the costs are very low when compared to other applications, and a business has to pay only for the volume of the data processed.

Cost efficient

6. Reliability

The You to Gift app offers reliability to users while processing 100% of their information. It provides methods to check the rules and compliance of contests automatically. Apart from this, the tool’s randomizer allows a business to guarantee fair prize draws and winner selection. Also, the app is legitimate and has been active for the past 4 years.


You to Gift is a simple app to use for Instagram and YouTube giveaways. Social media managers and businesses have to pay only when they need to host a contest. The drawbacks are very low when compared to other apps and allow a business to run giveaways with more transparency.

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