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Home Marketing How to keep your email list clean for successful email marketing

How to keep your email list clean for successful email marketing

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An Email List is a key asset for running a successful email marketing campaigns. The email list is filled by unwanted emails over a period of time that does not carry any value for your email marketing. It is imperative to get rid of those emails in a timely manner, to keep your email marketing cost as well as email deliverability in check.

Not cleaning your email list on a regular basis adversely affects your overall email marketing success. Does not matter how carefully you acquire your email leads, an email account goes bad if it is not active or being abandoned by the user. Removing such an inactive and bad email address keeps your email list highly targeted and engaged.



The inbox providers like Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail marks an email to be inactive or recycled spam traps if it is inactive for the specified period of time as given below.

  • Outlook – 270 days
  • Gmail – 270 days
  • Yahoo – 180 days
  • AOL – 90 days

The above data is enough to keep your email list in a hygienic state that does not contain such type of invalid or bad email accounts. Apart, from this, your email list will also have role-based emails, disposable emails and so on which needs to be cleaned by using an email validation tool like EmailChecker or ZeroBounce

The invalid and non-deliverable email accounts will cause hard bounces from email campaigns and will only add to your email marketing cost. While mailing to role-based and disposable emails will harm your email deliverability and can get you marked as a spammer by the mailbox providers.

How to keep your email list clean for successful email marketing


Follow these 5 steps to improve your email deliverability and keep your email list healthy.

  1. Follow double opt-in email lead generation – Following double opt-in for email lead generation is a healthier way to build your email list that will have qualified email accounts. The double opt-in process simply requires the user to verify the email, which makes sure that a real person exists on the other end.
  2. Avoid spam triggering words (In the subject line and email copy) – Make sure your email content is spam free both in terms of email copy and the subject line. Avoid using spam trigger words like Free, Offer, Cheap and so on. Keeping your emails clean from spam-free content helps you hit more inboxes than junk folders.
  3. Keep your email list clean – As said above, you need to validate your email leads on a regular basis. This will not only save on email marketing cost but also protects your sender’s reputation. Also, you can use a real-time email verification API that will validate all the incoming emails right at the point of entry.
  4. Maintain a proper IP allocation – If you are serious about scaling up your email marketing campaigns you might need to consider for a proper email infrastructure including a dedicated email IP once you hit 25000 emails daily.
  5. Send emails that your users love – Don’t just draft emails that promote hardcore sales, it is important to provide value to your email audience to keep them engaged. An engaged email audience makes you look like a legit email-sender in front of the ISPs.This will earn you a higher placement in the inboxes.


To sum-up, email marketing is one of the most loved marketing channels when it comes to ROI. Follow the basic tips to get your email marketing right and keep tracking the key metrics like email deliverability, inbox placement, engagement rate and so on to scale-up.

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