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7 Main Reasons Point-of-purchase (Pop) Are Effective In Marketing

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What is the point of purchase?

A point-of-purchase refers to the area a marketer or a retailer places a marketing or promotional material. It is where most customers encounter products. Placing promotional items next to its services increases the possibility of people buying them. The displays of POP may be printed materials or electronic near merchandise near the checkout area. It can also be a brick-and-mortar store or an online store with virtual signs.

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7 Main Reasons Point-of-purchase (Pop) Are Effective In Marketing

1. Grab customers’ attention

The benefit of displaying point-of-purchase is in grabbing the attention of the customers as they appear in the store. You can see shoppers skimming around in search of products. They see many options available on the shelves. Customers are not easy to catch to buy any small product packaging. Here, the advantage is of the POP that provides a bigger display and visually appealing to skip anyone’s eyes. Grab the customer’s attention by increasing the POP displays. In this way, get customers’ attention and ensure they buy the specific product.

2. Target impulse buyers

The POP displays are effective business strategies. As people enter a place, they do not know what they wish to buy. People coming with a buying intention do not waste time; they directly reach for the products. You may target impulse buyers by showing a conspicuous sign and highlighting a specific brand’s unique value. It will persuade them into buying the product.

3. Educate buyers

The point of purchase is Visual merchandising.Here, retailers may educate their shoppers better on a particular brand or product’s distinct qualities. The displays of POP allow the stores to give information in-depth about the brand or product in comparison to the product packaging. It may result in boosting sales and offers the customers a great experience.

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4. Reduce marketing costs

Reduce marketing costs Point-of-purchase

Stores reduce marketing costs by enjoying the POP purchase marketing strategy.  These digital product displays are cost-effective for the area’s customers. The stores directly target the shoppers with product ads or social media ads. The POP displays adapt messages from expensive brands’ ads or create ad campaigns to persuade shoppers.

5. Product placement flexibility

The displays of Point of purchase offer retailers and brands more flexibility in the placement of products. It promotes visibility, enhancing visual merchandising.  Thus, the product placement ad is not in some obscure location; POP displays the brands in high-traffic areas so that customers see them and decide to buy them.

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6. Improve retail merchandising

Brands use POP displays to advertise their products and to improve retailers. Brands provide the POP displays as the business strategies to improve the retailer’s ads on their products. Brands providing POP displays give product instructions explaining how retailers should use them to ensure maximum visibility. Thus, they save the effort, time, and space of the retailer.

7. Infuses color psychology

Colors play a vital role always in retail-marketing ads.  It is an effective way of convincing the buyers or customers. Use the color magic as social media ads, through the POP display, such as using the product brand colors from other stores or customizing specific products to draw customers. The POP display features a call to action. The colors are the best ways of infusing psychology that uses red and orange the aggressive color and invite or a gentle invitation is green and yellow to customers. With POP display, you can:

  • Ensure colorful store and add to the beauty
  • Create good engagement with customers
  • Perfect to communicate as per customer’s mind
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