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15 Reasons why Businesses Need Video Marketing in 2022

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Brand awareness is very much crucial for the success of any business. Every marketing strategy including paid advertisement or influencer marketing can offer considerable outcomes. It might or not get viral! Marketing is more about storytelling as well as communicating the desired messages with your consumers. This is done better through several effective mediums. Videos are indeed the best way to achieve that magical effect and a powerful tool to improve business prospects.

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15 powerful reasons to incorporate video marketing in 2022

1. Shows excellent ROI:

Videos used in the marketing strategy has helped about 83% businesses to enjoy better returns. Although video production is not cheap or easy, knowing what to do will provide positive results.

2. Boosts conversions and sales:

Videos when used on online pages helps convert audiences to consumers and drive sales. This form of marketing is found to offer enhanced results when compared to other types.

3. Boosts more viewer engagements:

Boosts more viewer engagements Video Marketing

You may create videos that are either thought-provoking or entertaining. Whatever be it, strong visuals are sure to stir up viewer emotions. It also captures attention of the audience something not achievable by picture or text.

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4. Influences purchase decisions and buyer behavior:

Videos are effective enough to boost conversion rates. This is because it tends to influence significantly consumer buying decisions. When compared to Content Marketing, 55% shoppers rely upon online videos for their research.

5. SEO friendly:

YouTube is a popular web platform where video contents can be promoted. With Google currently owning this platform, videos can be optimized for Google users. Develop online YouTube banner to create a unique brand, recognized everywhere.

6. Develops trust:

It is trust that is considered to be the very foundation where sales and conversation stand. This is achieved through video marketing campaign. Videos help engage people as well as ignite emotions.

Develops trust Video Marketing

7. Higher ranking on search engines:

Search engine optimization can be termed to be a vital link in the marketing chain. Videos have the ability to enhance your marketing strategy. Google prefer sites having interesting and relevant videos and promotes them.

8. Versatile:

Content Marketing uses text and is rigid. But, videos can be made more creative to convey desired message. This helps increase engagement while developing trust to derive quality leads quickly.

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9. Appealing:

Videos can be created to cater to the different segments of the society and to run on different devices. 90% consumers use cell phones to watch videos. Hence, the videos created for mobiles will be trendy and viral.

10. Engage even lazy buyers:

People these days lead busy lives that they don’t have time to go through long descriptions or products. Short videos are sure to be found engaging and quick to convey the message.

11. Explains things better:

Explainer videos help 98% users to learn about any service or product quickly. Hence, 45% of businesses having explainer videos posted on home page enjoy greater brand awareness.

12. Funnel optimization:

Video mapping to buyer journey is sure to replace downsides experienced by textual communication like blogs or email. Videos can help reach unaware prospects and other benefits.

Funnel optimization Video Marketing

13. Reach C-suite executives:

For many B2B players, irrespective of the industry, videos have proved to be the game changer. Engaging, personalized videos can speak C-suite’s language.

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14. Solves pain points and develops authority:

Video marketing campaign is effective as people prefer to view videos to find solutions. Offering quality videos can help our audience to be educated, thus developing a strong brand.

15. Encourages email marketing performance:

Email when combined with videos can produce amazing results. There can be experienced enhanced click-through rates by about 300%.

Technological advancements have been fostering video adoption. Creating Video Marketing strategies will be a wise way to meet business needs.

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