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LegalRaasta Launches GST Registration Portal

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LegalRaasta.com is a renowned online portal that offers taxation services to individual tax filers, working professionals, and businesses. It has a large team of experienced professionals specializing in taxation and accounts.

LegalRaasta informs its clients and readers about the online GST registration portal launched for the convenience of the general public and businesses that aim to register and obtain a GST number. The Company offers GST registration services in a simplified manner to its clients at competitive pricing in the market. Every individual, working professional and business owner is required to pay tax annually.

The tax is collected by the Indian Authorities in accordance with the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Mr. Pulkit Jain and Mr. Himanshu Jain, the company founders, are experienced professionals who are well-versed in taxation norms and regulations. They offer several services to small and medium-level business owners, working professionals, new business owners, etc.  A technology-based business offers services with a cash-on-delivery model and a money-back guarantee.

How Does it work?

The technology-based company collects information and updates its database by collecting information from DIY forms. The DIY forms used in collecting customer information are dynamic and adapt to the client’s suggestions and feedback. The customers get automated acknowledgment and remaining information via e-mail and SMS at each stage, and they can keep track of their progress via a live customer work tracker.

The legal services and compliance services market in India has been estimated at a base value of INR 20,000 crore. This market is growing at a staggering 25% annually; hence, LegalRaasta.com intends to capture 3%–5% of the total market share. At present, looking at the new opportunities introduced in the domestic market, it is clear that the market share is scheduled to grow exponentially.

Working professionals, business owners, and new startups often look for a service  provider that offers comprehensive services in a complete package. The customers, as per the present market requirement, need a fast-paced service provider that provides reliable, economical, and fast-paced legal services. The overall market size of INR 20,000 crore will grow in the coming 5 years, which will have immense opportunities for the existing players and the new players. At present, Legalraasta.com has a team strength of a maximum of 25 employees, and the business is growing into a bigger professional organization gradually.

Legalraasta is offering prompt service for the following:

1. NRI Income Tax Filing:

Citizens of India are working abroad and have assets and income. These citizens are based abroad, making legitimate disclosures to the government of India about their assets and income.

2. Income Tax Return:

File your income tax return online and get professional help in doing the same from LegalRaasta.com. Working professionals can get help with their income tax return filing from us. We have served many clients from different lines of professions, such as architects, engineers, doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, etc., all over the nation.

Income tax return legalraasta3. Bulk ITR/Corporate Sector:

Businesses can send in the details of their employees, including their Form 16, to us, and we can file their ITR for the corporation. In addition, the clients can choose from the self-return filing package for their employees at reasonable and lower pricing.

4. TDS Refund:

The income tax department offers the option of filing the TDS Return and tracking the status of the income tax refund.

5. Tax Refunds:

Business owners have the leverage of filing and getting their tax refunds on their income with the help of experts working at LegalRaasta.

The famous online portal has also launched taxation software that can play an important role in tax refunds and other tax-related activities. Whether you are a business or a working professional, file your taxes and claim the returns by using our simplified and faster portal.

Feel free to go to the company website and check out the best deals on offer for the clients filing individual taxes and returns and the clients filing bulk taxes and returns. LegalRaasta is committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Their aim is to provide the best taxation and accounting services to their clients at a reasonable price range in the market. If you have concerns regarding income tax, feel free to consult Legalraasta.com and get the best advice for your income tax filing and tax returns from our experienced professionals.

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