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5 Top Online Legal Services That Help Small Businesses

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Why do you need online legal services?

Online legal services are many outside to help small businesses. Online legal support offers its pricing, structure, and features. Ensure to avail online legal support from a licensed company enabling you to practice in your state.

5 Top online legal services that help small businesses       

If you need some representation in person when in use, you need a referral to get an online legal service. Choosing online legal services is a smart idea to consult an attorney to help choose your business structure.  You may choose a structure that is far-reaching for your company. Plan to meet at least once per year with a lawyer to review the future and history of your company.

There are numerous online legal services for small business owners ready to help. Each has its pricing, structure, and features. Seeking legal support online is to look for legal services from the same state. Business laws vary between states and seeking advice from a different state law may not be helpful. Here are the five top online legal services  suitable for small businesses:

1. LegalZoom

It is one of the most popular and biggest online legal services.  It has a pay-as-you-go model, wherein it involves paying LegalZoom a flat fee. There is no monthly fee to access legal forms. LegalZoom charges a fee to create documents and document filling relevant fees.

The legal forms of the library are immense and cover most situations for small business owners. They also support you with personal legal documents such as trusts and wills. They give 30-minute consultations in your state unlimited times for any new issue. However, attorney access requires a subscription for six or 12 months.

2. UpCounsel

It is a marketplace online matching clients for Small Business Association with vetted local attorneys. You fill out a short form explaining your needs no matter, whether you are looking for an ongoing legal counsel or a single document file. You immediately receive bids from three attorneys in the relevant law area.

These bids are at an hourly rate or a flat fee, as per the project type. They are mostly lower and it includes various tools to manage your relationship with an online lawyer, to ascertain transparency and privacy.

3. Rocket Lawyer

Online legal services

It is a great choice of online legal services for businesses expecting to meet ongoing legal needs. As per need, there are legal consultations and individual forms available. It offers the best value in the monthly membership and includes unlimited 30-minute attorney consultations and unlimited access to documents

It includes new business incorporation documents and they offer in-person legal assistance as startup company lawyers, and you receive a discount on the attorney charges.

4. Nolo

Nolo is suitable for DIY legal documents. Right from starting in your state as an LLC to hiring a consultant, buy forms for legal situations. This site includes a vast library featuring free legal articles. The lawyer referral section has a list of attorneys to handle your issue, but speaking directly with an attorney is not possible.

It is a site to consider as a key secondary resource as they do not offer trusted attorneys.

5. LegalShield

LegalShield is suitable for startup company lawyers. The monthly membership here includes handling issues relating to the company and unlimited attorney consultations. They also work on your behalf for letters, calls, and document reviews. There are high membership tiers offering trial defense services.

You may enroll for a small additional charge that facilitates a legal documents library, business coaching, and various other business tools.

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