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Learn How to Decorate Your Large Blank Wall

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Whether you stay in a small apartment, or a sprawling villa, we all have this one blank wall that often stares back at us and we don’t know how to decorate it so it looks tasteful. Well with a little bit of creativity and out-of-box thinking you can turn that blank wall into a statement wall. Let’s see some easy, yet stunning ideas.

Paint Wall Mural:

Transform your wall into a piece of beautiful art by painting it with murals. From simple tree silhouettes to abstract, pictorial, or even complex mandalas there is so much you can do with the design. You can look at the Asian Paints catalogue to choose the color of the mural, and the eggshell sheen finish works the best for the mural paintings.

Paint wall mural decorate your large blank

Add an Oversized Art:

When you have doubt in mind about choosing the wall color, an oversized art can come as an instant rescue from boredom. Don’t be afraid to add a bold and beautiful painting not just to a wall in the living room, but you can also take this idea to the bedroom, kitchen, and dining area.

Cheerful Paint and Floating Shelves:

Another very good and practical idea to decorate your large blank wall, is to make it an accent wall by coloring it with a contrasting bright color and then adding wooden floating shelves to it can make the space functional. These days painting contractors give you the ability to use the calculator to give you the paint cost per square foot, so that you know how much different kinds of paint jobs will cost you, and make an informed decision accordingly.

Large Mirror:

Mirrors are the best way to create an illusion of more space. Adding a large mirror to your blank wall is an innovative way to decorate your wall. From a hallway to even your bedroom, this idea is a sure shot way to immediately make your place look chic that too in a budget-friendly way. If you have traditional aesthetics, then opt for mirrors that have intricately carved frames, so that it beautifully blends with your interiors.

Hang a Textured Rug:

When we said you have to think out of the box, this is exactly what we meant. You can simply use this unique idea of hanging an exquisitely patterned rug on your bare wall to immediately add an element of style.

Add Long Potted Plants:

If getting your wall painted, or adding a large mirror is a little too far-fetched for you, then this simple trick can be good enough to give your place the needed facelift. Move a tabletop near the bare wall, and mount it with some potted plants of different lengths.

Above 6 are just some of the ideas that you can use to make your blank wall look attractive.

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