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How to select the perfect kitchen island pendant

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Pendant lights are a style of single light appliance that is dangled from the roof. They can be suspended using any type of rope, string, or bolt.

There are various lengths of pendant lights to suit just about any space. They have a single point from which they hang, they can have multiple light bulbs within the appliance itself. Right Kitchen Island lights give the best look to your space.

They are an outstanding lighting option over kitchen islands because they give both usable lighting to the countertop and adorning appeal to the overall space. They would look good everywhere; maybe in independent houses in Hyderabad, as well as in your large sprawling houses!

Selecting the perfect kitchen island pendant lights gives the desired outlook.

Perfect kitchen island pendant

Types of Pendant

  • Lantern pendant
  • Globe pendant
  • Geometric Pendant
  • Crystal pendant
  • Bowl pendant
  • Schoolhouse pendant
  • Come pendant
  • Dome pendant
  • Cylinder pendant
  • Drum pendant
  • Teardrop pendant
  • Bulb pendant
  • Square pendant

Size of Pendant

The pendant lighting size is determined by the kitchen island. One should select the lighting pendant according to the amount of light you need for your kitchen.

When selecting pendants to dangle above your kitchen island, you should consider the width and length of the pendants as well as your roof size and island size.

Number of Lightings

Like the size, how many pendants you need is the must in lighting your kitchen Island. There are many types of kitchen pendant lights according to the size of your countertop and space.

One big lighting also can make the place neat and simple. Small bulbs also look elegant and aesthetic to the kitchen.

What height to hang?

The normal rule of thumb for dangling pendant lights is to have the floor of the light between 30”-36” above the height of the countertop.

The pendant lights are active in lighting the countertop and also embellishing without obstructing the view of those positions on either side of the island.


When it comes to kitchen island lighting modern many factors have to be noted. Because the kitchen is the area where we cook, have our breakfast and many purposes.

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Keeping in mind the work we do we have to select the lighting which gives a cool and aesthetic look to the space.

Nowadays ,many food blogs and Vlogs are taking place on the kitchen countertop. The kitchen lighting enhances the presentation and the quality of the work done.Right kitchen Island lights gives your space the lighting it needs with the stylish look.

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