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How To Streamline Your Business Using Technology

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As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder. This is a good way to think of your business, least of all because it will ease the workload on your employees and make your business work in a more efficient manner. A more streamlined way of working will boost productivity as less time is spent on mundane tasks that could be automated, and more time is spent on things that could potentially boost revenue elsewhere in the business.

One thing that can massively streamline processes in your business is technology, so we’re going to go through some of the ways you can use it to your advantage in the everyday running of your company.

1. Security

Your business is nothing without security, so you’ll need to make sure you have proper systems in place. This is where technology works in your favor because it can dramatically streamline this side of your business and could even reduce costs that can then be re-distributed elsewhere. Whilst there are lots of reliable security companies like Taybar Security who can effctively secure larger premises and event venues, if you’re securing a small office, you can use security technology instead. This will not only save you money in the long term, but it will make things more efficient because you can see what’s going on at all times and won’t have to rely on someone else to fill you in.

2. Clocking In

Clocking in business using technology

Clocking in is something every business should implement; not just for checking what times employees get in to work and leave at, but for fire purposes. Writing down names and times is long-winded and troublesome and can be inaccurate as information could be manipulated. Instead, an automatic clocking in machine that uses something like a fingerprint is far more accurate and harder to manipulate. Plus, there’s no filing required which will take up less room in the office, and that’s always a positive.

3. CRM

Every good business should have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to keep track of client relations, notes and contact details. If your business doesn’t have an effective CRM (or a CRM at all), you should implement one. It might cost a bit of money to develop, but it will do your business wonders because it will ensure that everyone has access to all the information they need at any given time, therefore reducing time spent asking others for menial details and allowing everyone to work more efficiently and at a good pace.

4. Instant Messaging

Employees will need to talk to each other, and sometimes it’s not possible to do it in person. Whether its because traipsing from one end of the office to the other takes too long, or if it’s because you don’t have time to potentially get lost in small talk, sometimes, a written message is the fastest solution. The problem is, things can get lost via email since a lot of people have inboxes that are fit to burst at any given moment. This means it’s quite common for people gloss over emails and it can take a really long time to get a response. The solution? Instant messaging. You can use programs like Microsoft Teams, Slack or Google Hangouts to send instant messages to your work colleagues which will pop up on their desktop – a bit like a text message. This will drastically reduce the time spent waiting for responses or engaging in needles chit chat.


These are just some of the ways you can streamline your business using technology. Will you be taking the plunge and trying some of them?

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