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How to Make Money with Pay per Click Advertising?

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Is your business not generating enough revenue to bear its expenses?

Well, you need to become an advertiser of your business to increases leads and sales of the business. You can use Google’s Adwords platform for planning and executing your campaign activities online following the pay per click advertising.

If you are new to the pay per click (PPC) advertising, the entire process may seem overwhelming to you. Or if you have failed in the previous attempts of the PPC advertising, it does not disable you to succeed in future attempts. Whatever experience you have had with the pay per click (PPC), we will provide you with everything that you need to gain profits in the PPC advertising.

To help you in earning a fat amount check, let us look at the strategies for making money with pay per click advertising:

1. The Keywords – The Most Crucial Element


The keywords are the most crucial element that determines the success of the campaigns. The keywords tend to be the determining factor of your target audience. If your target audience is rich, you will make lots of money online with pay per click advertising. In order to reach the right target audience, you need to avoid using “waste” keywords and start working with the “useful” keywords.

In order to find the details of the chosen keyword, you must type it in Google’s Keyword Planner. It will provide you with important metrics such as suggested bid and the monthly search volume.

2. Working with the Chosen Keywords

There are two types of keywords. They include the primary keyword and second keywords. You may choose a primary keyword that resonates with your business idea. The secondary keyword is the synonym of the first important keywords. Primary keywords cause too much, whereas the secondary keyword is low-cost. Not all keywords are expensive. But if you choose the expensive keywords, they would return on your investment.

3. Display of the PPC Ad

Before you proceed ahead, it is very important to choose the display of your PPC Ad. You may choose the Search Display or Network Display. The Search Display appears when the user enters a particular keyword on the website. The network display is related to the 3rd party app, which appears on the network websites of the third party. Depending on your product niche, you may choose the display of the PPC AD that serves you well.

4. Writing Your AD

There are different writing formats for the Network Display and Search Display. For the Network Display, you will not be writing anything but designing it. For the Search Display, you must write up a catchy headline and description. You may always include the keyword in the headline or the description of the PPC Display Ad. You must always be true to your promise or claims.

5. Publishing the PPC Ad

Publishing the ppc ad

You can publish your ads on your website with the help of the Adsense. The Adsense lets you display ads on your website in exchange for the money. In order to achieve this end, you must apply for the Adsense account. Before initiating the application process, you may ensure that your site performs well and does not have any hiccups. The website should also be clear, updated, and professional. It should have zero spam.


There are many basic things that you must keep in your mind while carrying our PPC ads. For instance, you must never click your ads – it can cost you a good amount of money. You should choose the perfect and right keyword. You must also write comprehensive, coherent, and intelligent content in the ads. Thus, you will gain great success.

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