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Why You Should Use PPC for Your Startup Marketing

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An acronym for “Pay Per Click,” PPC is one of the best advertising strategies and a lead generation tool that comes with the great potential to get targeted leads for a website. Whether you run a start-up or a large-scale business, PPC is an effective marketing tactic PPC for Startup Marketing allows you to reach a targeted set of audience by specifying who views your Ad and clicks on it.

Most startups operate on a small budget, rely on organic rankings, and consider PPC campaigns as expensive. But, in reality, in a Pay Per Click campaign, you only need to pay when the viewer acts on your advertisement. Thus, reaching a PPC agency in Houston is imperative to strategize a perfect advertising plan.

Over the years, PPC has evolved and also has used other pricing models like CPM- pay per thousand and CPA- pay per action. It implies that you are only required to spend when someone clicks on your campaign.

Yes, it is real! No click, No pay! It is a great selection for start-up marketing, regardless of budget constraints. Here’s why:

1. Pay Per Click is cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing methods

One of the biggest misconceptions around PPC is the “Cost.”

Startups and small businesses rely on increasing their organic ranking to create a powerful online presence. PPC, on the other hand, is ignored since it is considered an expensive method.

Well, it is not true, if you spend investments carefully, you increase your chances of making the Ad campaign a success.

• You can start a PPC campaign with as low as $1 and enhance the budget as your sales increase.

• You can easily measure the results of your Advertisement from the impressions, clicks, and the visitors you get.

• You also have the authority to control your budget and spend it on more profitable keywords.

In the beginning, it is normal to go with a non-profitable campaign as optimization takes time but later, you should not spend without returns. Also, you should hire an expert pay-per-click marketing firm that can set the effective campaigns for you.

2. Get targeted leads in a specified time frame with Pay Per Click

To get good sales from a startup, targeted traffic is required that can lead to potential customers and a good business.

You can go for SEO, but search engine optimization takes time.

With Google Adwords, you can choose the targeted keywords and get your brand to appear in Google’s top results. Plus, through Facebook Ad Campaigns, you can easily define your target audience according to age and geographical location, making your ad campaigns more precise and effective.

SEO will also get you targeted traffic, but PPC gets you the same in a specified time limit.

3. You can reach the targeted audience and increase your brand awareness

Through PPC campaigns, you can make an advertising campaign that is targeted at your products as well as the audience.

While you use keywords, the targeted keywords help the potential clients to associate with your brand. This helps the startups to gain a place in the industry and also allows it to compete with other renowned brands.

4. The Pay Per Click campaign lets you know your response regarding your services

The ppc campaign lets you know your response regarding your services

For a start-up looking to develop its presence, the ability to test your products and services online is invaluable.

Without having to invest heavily, you can run a Google Adwords campaign, get the first 500 targeted visits, and measure the results. You can easily check what type of services will go with the targeted audience in just a matter of minutes.

It will surely cost you some amount but, this small advertisement will help you in the optimization of the website! And, if you aim for a long-term presence, PPC helps with that and will also let you generate more revenue.

5. Pay Per Click easily works with other digital marketing tools

PPC is an important part of digital marketing and also works well with other marketing channels.

• PPC campaigns can be used to test the results generated from the target keywords so that you can be aware, of which keywords to use for SEO.

• Augment your email campaigns with SEO and get more email sign-ups.

• With PPC, you can enhance your mobile marketing campaigns and get more installs for email sign-ups.

In the case of Facebook Ads, some of the campaigns are PPC-based through, which you can get direct calls, visit your website, drive customers to your store, and much more.

6. Pay Per Click also comes with the advanced marketing techniques

One of the most effective features of a PPC campaign is the re-targeting feature.

Re-targeting is a technique in which you create the campaign and target the visitors who visited your website but did not convert into potential customers.

There are lots of instances when customers visit your website but do not end up buying the products. The selection time frame increases and that is when the re-targeting technique comes into play.

You can simply check the leads by adding the code provided by Google Adwords and social media platforms. The networks use the cookies and identify the people who visited. After the identification, you can use the retargeting techniques and target the clients.

Pro Tip: Make use of the PPC Ad’s when you have time-sensitive offers as no other digital marketing tool can give you instant access to your targeted clients.


With the PPC campaigns, a small business can exactly choose when and where your Ad will show up. As a startup, you can take benefit of your marketing, raise brand awareness, and get potential leads from various platforms. It is an effective way to target the audience and a recent development has also proved that “PPC is important for the marketing of the small businesses.”

About Author: 

Dita Is From Northern Europe And Is Passionate About Digital Marketing & Helping Businesses Grow. Sem Manager At Bestppc.marketing By Day, Blogger & Social Media Manager By Night.

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