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How To Improve Inventory Management Using An ERP

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Using the right ERP can have a significantly positive impact on your inventory management system and will usually start to deliver results within days of installation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a market-leading ERP that offers a vast range of advantages for businesses operating in a host of different sectors. Here we go into more detail to explain some of its capabilities and how to improve inventory management using an ERP.

information integration

With Business Central you can integrate all relevant information related to inventory management using a host of automated processes. The issues connected with manual analysis have long been viewed as too costly and by automating them the risks of overstocking and shortages can be addressed, making the process far more efficient.

Enhanced control and safety

Constantly referring to Excel files can become an issue whether they are stored locally or in the cloud. Using an ERP system like Business Central gives you more control to monitor the authorization of each employee to ensure your date is as secure as possible. At the same time, the overall inventory management of your business or organisation is improved, as the right people will have the right level of access to perform their tasks.

Boost the flow of merchandise

Boost the flow of merchandise inventory management

If you want to improve the monitoring of your current inventory, flow management is an essential feature that needs to be integrated. Business Central provides real-time data to give you more insight so you can apply the right strategy at the right time, optimising your product flow. It also means you’ll have a unique numbering system to enhance goods tracking so you have more oversight throughout the supply chain.

Automatic restocking

Inventory restocking decisions can sometimes be questionable if you do not have access to up-to-date information. Making the wrong decision can have a detrimental effect, whether it’s buying too early or too late, creating inventory issues that can be difficult to resolve in the short-term. Implementing the right ERP software enables these processes to be automated so you can maximise sales opportunities during peak periods of activity.

Better customer service

Strong customer service is the bedrock of any client facing business and Business Central will offer key support in this area. It gives your team access to the relevant, real-time information so they can respond quickly to customer requests. Stock and order quantities, selling prices, locations, date of receipt etc – all of this can be used to secure further sales and find valuable solutions for your customers.

In-depth financial reports

Because Business Central enables you to easily integrate several departments into a single platform, your business will benefit from more consistency between each one. You’ll have better control of financial reports and graphs (which are updated in real-time) reducing any unnecessary delays that can sometimes be caused to key business procedures.

Get started today

The D365experts team is waiting to hear from you today to discuss your needs in more detail. We have a long track record of working with businesses in a variety of sectors, enabling them to enjoy the many benefits Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer. Get in touch for an introductory chat or to book a free demo and we’ll be happy to help.

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