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How to Find Hotel Employees for the Busy Holiday Seasons

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Hotels in popular tourist towns and cities fill up fast during the holidays. Families take advantage of their vacation leave and want to spend it somewhere exciting with plenty to see, do, and experience.

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Local resorts and hotels book out quickly, even before the holiday season is in full swing. This means that hotel employees are often rushed off their feet to ensure their guests’ stays are memorable for all the right reasons. If you’re struggling to retain high staffing levels during the busy season and even when you’re quiet, consider taking some of the following actions:

Use Recruiting Businesses

Time is precious, and you won’t always have an abundance of spare time to seek out new employees yourself. In that case, consider using hotel recruiters to do the hard work for you. Hotel and resort recruiters can source, screen, and interview candidates on your behalf. They can also negotiate employment and compensation packages that suit all parties. While recruiters take care of that process, you can focus on ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Ask Employees for Referrals

Sometimes, being fully staffed during your busiest periods can be as easy as asking your team whether they know anyone looking for work. They might have friends or family members with free time and a desire to help people enjoy their time in your city. You might even consider offering a monetary bonus for each referral. Just make sure to include conditions like ensuring the new employee must stay for a certain number of weeks before the reward comes into effect.

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Publish Ads On Job Seeker Sites

Publish Ads On Job Seeker Sites

People looking for work regularly seek out new vacancies on job seeker websites. Let everyone know you’re hiring by placing ads on the most popular sites. Include as much information as possible about your available roles, such as the hours they must work, tasks they’ll be assigned, skills they must have, and any perks of the job. If a job seeker platform provides opportunities to boost your listing to make it more pronounced, consider doing so to potentially improve the chances of it being noticed.

Offer Perks

Holiday seasons are the busiest times of the year. During these periods, many people would rather enjoy leisurely activities with friends and family than work. However, if you were to offer desirable perks to your new and existing employees, you might find it much easier to retain a full workforce. Flexible working hours, above-average wages, and a supportive working environment are just a few of the many offerings that might attract new workers to your business.

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Hire Travelers

While some tourists visit new places purely to explore standout attractions, others want to enjoy a working holiday. Working while you tour can ensure they don’t have to dip into their savings too much. If your business could function perfectly fine with casual employees, consider hiring working tourists with the attitudes or skills you’re looking for.

Finding hotel employees for the busy holiday season is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been in the past. Take some of these actions above, and you might be fully staffed before long.

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