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How Estheticians Can Prepare for the Holiday Season

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Businesses ramp up their sales during the holiday season, including those in the beauty industry. As an esthetician, expect your salon to get more clients than usual, with individuals wanting to pamper themselves and others wishing for their loved ones to experience it. With the predicted rise in the number of customers during this period, you need to be prepared to ensure that you can serve as many clients as possible without sacrificing the quality of your service. We listed some tips that will get you ready for the holiday season.

Talk to your employees

It’s crucial to ensure that you have enough staff in your salon. Study the data you had in the previous years to have a better idea of the traffic you could anticipate this year. With this information, you can make an informed decision on your business operation hours and the employees you need to work on those days. Then, you can strategically plan on the schedule to ensure you are not short-staffed during those critical times.

Get into the holiday spirit

Getting into the holiday spirit will help connect with the clients emotionally. It brings a festive mood, so customers are more willing to spend for the season. Decorate your salon with a holiday touch to get more people’s attention and give them an idea that holiday perks await them. Update your website and marketing materials to reflect the special season. For example, you can tweak your logo to have a holiday vibe while still representing your brand. A professional logo designer can help you come up with top-notch esthetician logo ideas that you can use. An excellent example is Google’s logo, which changes in design depending on the season or event but still keeps the core features that users are familiar with.

Offer seasonal promos

Offer seasonal promos holiday season

Customers are excited about seasonal promos as they offer great discounts and fantastic options. Determine what your clients want so that you can include them in your holiday promos. Get feedback or recommendations, and study their buying behavior too. For instance, you can make a beauty bundle with your best-selling products or offer items with a service at a lower price. Gift cards are also popular as clients can give them to their loved ones as presents. Make these special offers available for a limited time to encourage clients to take action immediately.

Encourage pre-booking

Booking earlier would ensure clients get the service they need. Plus, it will be easier for you to manage your schedule and attend to as many clients as possible without sacrificing the quality of their experience. You may also give them a special discount for booking early.

Create auto-replies

It’s a busy time, so you may not be able to attend to your customers’ queries as quickly as you used to. Setting up auto-replies on chat and email will inform clients that you received their message, and it would set their expectations of how soon you can get back to them.

Do not let the holiday rush get you off track. Preparation is key to serving as many clients as possible without sacrificing quality.

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