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How to Advertise on Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in many countries, including Australia. From small businesses to large corporations, from boutique accounts to service sellers and blog accounts, he is actively using Instagram. In order for people to be recognized on Instagram, there are a number of paths to follow. One of these ways is to advertise on Instagram.

By advertising on Instagram, you can easily reach your target audience and get maximum efficiency as a result of your ads.

There are two different ways to advertise on Instagram. One of them is to advertise on Instagram and the other is to advertise from accounts with high followers.

How do I place sponsored ads on Instagram?

How to place sponsored ads on instagram  advertise on instagram

1. To be able to place sponsored ads on Instagram, you will also need a Facebook account. By logging into your Instagram account; create a business profile by removing your account from the personal account.

2. A business account will make it much easier for you to post sponsored ads.

3. After logging into your Instagram account; Open the post you want to sponsor.

4. Tap the button that says Feature this post at the bottom right of the post (if you’re going to advertise for a photo or video).

5. Then a panel will appear so that you can choose your target audience. On this screen, your target audience; is classified in terms of age – country – language, and interests and create your target audience.

6. After you create your target audience in this area, press the forward button and create your daily spending plan.

7. Immediately after creating your spending plan, proceed to sign in to the payment area.

8. After entering your card information, the post you want to advertise will be reviewed by Instagram and published after approval.

How do I advertise on high-follower Accounts on Instagram?

You need to make sure that the account you want to advertise on Instagram and your own account have the same target audience. You can get these target audiences via superviral.com.au If you find an account that is suitable for you and has more followers than you; contact this account holder; ask about advertising tariffs; You can agree by getting information about the pricing. But at this point, the most important thing to pay attention to is that you will agree with an account holder after doing market research.

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