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8 Timeless Salon Decor Ideas Clients Will Adore

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The salon decor, design, and aesthetics are all important aspects of a thriving salon business. After all, when your clients visit your place, they are expecting to have an immersive experience. It makes them feel inspired and relaxed. So what’s better than exploring some gifts for barbers?

While you create most of your client’s experience through the services you perform, your salon should also spark the imagination. And a positive experience through its aesthetic.

There are many different aesthetics and decor styles to choose from. But we believe that each should have a look that feels true to itself and its clients. Whether you’re purchasing salon equipment or looking for floating wall shelves, there is always an opportunity to spruce up your salon’s decor.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to decorating or refreshing your place, we have included some decor ideas that will translate well in any salon.

Timeless Salon Decor Ideas

Whether your salon could use all of these decor tips or just a few of them, we highly encourage you to make these salon decor ideas your own and put a unique spin to better reflect your space.

1. Invest in High-Quality and Classic Equipment

When it comes to shopping for the best salon chairs, there are usually a lot of options. Not only should you choose the best equipment, but you should also prioritize a design and look that is classic and timeless. You can always have some fun by adding trendy pieces like a bright orange velvet couch in your waiting room, but your equipment needs to be sharp, functional, and timeless.

2. Pick a Color and Weave It Throughout Your Salon

Is there a prominent color that your branding or salon embraces? If so, we love the idea of thoughtfully weaving that color into the interior designs in subtle yet impactful ways. For example, let’s say your salon is white and black, but you gravitate toward lilac. You could try getting lilac-colored pillows for your reception area couch or organically weaving in the color with wall art and trolleys. If you want to go bold, try purchasing retail displays in that color.

Pick a color and weave it throughout your salon

3. Incorporate Salon Plants

It may seem like a simple addition, but buying  plants for your space could give your salon an instant facelift. Not only do plants help clean the air and protect your clients and people from being exposed to toxic chemicals, but they also look great in salons.

Whether you are aiming for a boho chic vibe or you would just like to breathe new life into your space, adding small indoor plants or large floor plants to your salon is a timeless decor hack.

4. Add a Salon Decor Element to Retail Products

How are your salon’s retail products currently positioned? If they are sitting on a shelf in your waiting area collecting dust, it’s time to switch things up. Display these products in a way that works for your salon and entices your clients to purchase them. You can remove existing shelves and replace them with floating wall shelves to free up space on your salon floor and make products look more appealing.

You can also position these products in creative ways around your salon like at a stylist’s station, too.

5. Salon Decor – Paint Your Walls White

What’s more classic than white walls? White walls are great if you’re looking for a paint color that is timeless and neutral, but still has the potential to be bold. White isn’t a boring color for walls it’s the main color behind the most modern and trendy salons today. With white walls, you have the option and flexibility to go with any kind of salon aesthetic, and it also opens your options to the kind of decor you can embrace.

If completely white walls bore you, you can always add a statement wall to give a bold look.

6. Go Bold with Your Salon Logo

Regardless of your salon’s aesthetic, your brand logo should be front and center. A recognizable logo never goes out of style. There are a variety of ways to put your salon’s logo on a wall — for example, neon signage, peel-and-stick decals, acrylic letters, and more. We love having the logo designed beautifully and placed behind the reception desk. It makes a great first impression when your clients walk in.

Go bold with your salon logo

7. Salon Decor – Create a Statement Wall

If your salon needs a point of emphasis, you can easily paint or create a statement wall to give your space more dimension. Statement walls have always been a popular way to decorate homes and salons. We consider this design hack to be timeless. There are a variety of ways to create a statement wall. You could paint a wall a different color or hang peel-and-stick decals in an eye-catching pattern.

But don’t just stop at painting or decals! You can also hang mirrors, art, and other kinds of decor to make the wall stand out and give your space a point of emphasis. This wall could also serve as a fun backdrop for any client photos — which leads us to our next point.

8. Build in a Photo Studio or Wall

Salons must create Instagram-worthy, shareable content to improve visibility and attract new clients. This is why we think a photo studio or wall is a timeless investment in your salon’s design that will truly pay off. You can go as big as having a separate room with studio lighting or having one wall with a neutral background and a ring light. Clients will love being able to have their photos taken and posted to social media after their transformation.

Are your interior designer and creative juices flowing yet? We hope these timeless salon decor hacks will make it into your salon!

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