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How Email Validation Solutions Can Help Your Business to Grow In 2021

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Many people rely on email communication because of its effectiveness. Besides, it remains to be the most preferred channel of communication by most businesses since most customers prefer receiving emails, rather than phone calls from businesses. Unfortunately, a majority of businesses have inaccurate or invalid email addresses.

There are several reasons behind invalid email addresses. Human error is the main cause of the wrong information, with only 10% of the email addresses being accurate. Some of the reasons include a person moving to a different job, switching a company, getting a new email provider, or opening a new email account with the same service provider. Also, it’s possible to get a negative ping response if the domain is temporarily down or dead.

A genuine will submit a valid email address upon request. However, you can also use an email validation solution to check the validity of your email addresses. Email validation solutions remain the most effective way to verify email addresses. They help to check the validity of email addresses, which in turn prevents fraud, protects your sender reputation, and ensures success in your email marketing campaigns.

How does email validation work?   

Different email validation tools have different ways of validating emails. However, most of these solutions have a three-step process, which involves the following:

  • Syntax check – this step rules out the chances of having your email returned unread. It checks for certain things like invalid characters or spaces in the email addresses in your database.
  • Domain check – with this, you don’t need to be worried whether the email address has a valid host domain. Domain check tells you if the email addresses in your database are registered and functional.
  • Email ping checks – now this is one of the most technologically advanced parts of email validation. This test sends an EHLO message to ping an email address. This helps to determine whether the email is active or not.

With that, let’s have a look at ways in which email validation solutions can help your business grow in 2021.

Reduced bounce rate

Email validation solutions like the email validation tool by Byteplant allow you to choose which email addresses to send your mails to. These solutions point out the invalid addresses, the accept-all addresses, and the role-based addresses, among others.  The information allows the businesses to target only the valid email addresses thus avoiding email bounces. With this, a majority of your outgoing emails will reach the desired recipient.

Better campaign insights

Email validation helps you clear the clutter in your list of email addresses. This is important as it leaves you with real and dependable addresses. Such addresses will help you make more accurate predictions regarding your campaign. The result in every mail is genuine and reliable to show how effective your campaign is, and its potency.

Improved leads

Improve leads

Sending your marketing emails to invalid email addresses has no chance to convert. Email validation helps you reach interested potential clients and prevents the time and money wastage in bad emails. The better your leads, the higher the chance of conversion leading to more sales. It also gives your brand more exposure to interested parties.

Improves the accuracy of client data

While sending your mails, you hope to reach a specific number of prospective clients. The number of people reached and the conversion rate helps you identify how effective your email marketing was. Sadly, with a bunch of invalid addresses, most emails do not reach the intended destination. As a result, it becomes hard to have an accurate rating on your email marketing. With email validation, you get a more accurate number of interested clients which in turn makes your marketing decisions more accurate.

Improved Return on Investment

Email proofing cleans out your email list enabling you to target only the interested prospective clients. This means the number of emails sent out is less than you would send with all the invalid addresses. It increases the relevance of your emails to your audience which increases their chances of converting into consumers. The more the consumers, the lesser the costs of marketing, and the more the revenue. The returns received become higher than the money spent on marketing.

Client individualization

One of the key factors of a successful campaign is the client experience. It is important to have a personal emotional connection with your audience. With email validation, you can acquire the addresses and names of your prospective clients which enables you to engage them as persons. A study by marketing charts shows that tailoring emails to suit your recipients’ preferences makes 71% of your recipients turn into consumers of your products and services. More accurate information makes it easier to personalize your emails.

Improved customer engagement

Having real and genuine email addresses will give you an accurate idea of your recipients’ wants and priorities. Engaging them more enables you to draft emails that are more accurate with their interests and needs. Email validation will help you sort out genuine emails. It enables you to send information that is relatable to them and improve your customer engagement.

Bottom Line

There you go. From improved customer engagement to reduced bounce rates, and better returns on investment, having an email validation solution comes with multiple and meaningful benefits. Thus, you should note this, and always ensure that you have a clean list of email addresses.

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