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How does Sports Betting work? Types of Wagers you can place

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Learn everything you require to know about placing bets. Learn the essential terms and definitions and access tools to help you make educated choices.

What is Sports Betting?

The sport of betting is an excellent opportunity to engage people in sports without the threat of injuries or other negative consequences. Betting on sports is enjoyable, thrilling, and a perfect way to enjoy some fun competition between players. Casinos not on Gamstop are also a great option to earn some money. The reason it’s so well-known is that it’s exciting and the possibility of winning is enormous. It is essential to follow the guidelines and rules established by the betting website you’re playing on; however, it’s never a perfect moment to begin!

Types of Sports Bets

Types of sports bets placing bets

Money Line Bets

Of all bet kinds, betting on the money line is the most basic and most popular. If you bet on a team’s cash line, you’re betting on that team to succeed.

For instance, if you believe that to bet on the New York Yankees to win the World Series, you’d place your bets on the team’s Moneyline. If the Yankees triumph and your chance pay off, you win. If the Yankees fall, the bet is lost.

Point Spread

Another form of bet is betting on a point spread. If you are betting on the space, it is betting on the margin of victory, not the outcome.

A minus sign identifies a favourite, and a plus symbol is an underdog. If, for instance, an underdog team is priced at -7.5 and they win, they have to do so by over 7.5 points.

In this scenario, the team that is in opposition will be valued at +7.5, which means they have to either win the game entirely or lose less than 7.5 points.

Over/Under (Totals)

In addition, to spread and money line bets, the most favoured betting on sports is the point total. These bets are often described as an over/under bet since the stake is on a whole that will go either way or the other.

When you bet on a total bet, it is betting on the number of points scored by both teams. For instance, when a football match is played with two groups, the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants, the total score will be 45.5 points.

The final result is Eagles 21 Giants 17, just 38 points total were recorded. This means that it is the over that’s the winning bet.

Parlay Bets

Parlay betting is a bet placed on multiple bets that win. For a parlay to be successful, each “leg” or bet in the parlay must be successful for the chance to pay. If you’ve got a 4-leg parlay, and only three of those bets succeed, you’ve lost your parlay ticket.

Parlays are an appealing option for gamblers because they offer an opportunity to bet an amount of money and then win a substantial dollar amount since the profits are multiplied with every success. For example, you could put $10 into five legs, and the parlay will include:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers Moneyline (-215)
  2. Boston Red Sox Moneyline (-155)
  3. Milwaukee Bucks +4.5 (-110)
  4. Bryce Harper (PHI) to hit a home hit (+650)
  5. Max Scherzer (WAS) to be able to have more than 8.5 strikeouts (-105)

You could win $663.80 If all five of these bets are successful.


A teaser bet is comparable to parlays because it’s tied to various stakes. Its difference is that it’s only used for point spreads and intended to provide the same payout as a regular bet rather than an enticingly large payout.

The term “teaser” is “teasing” the spread of different games by a couple or a few points to the betting side. Let’s suppose that you would like to run a teaser with six points of two NFL games, betting on both the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots:

Original Line:

  • San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions (+7.5)
  • Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots (-2.5)

Six-Point Teaser Line:

  • San Francisco Giants at Detroit Lions (+13.5)
  • Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots (+3.5)

To be considered a parlay, the Lions must ultimately win or lose by less than 7.5 points, whereas the Patriots will need to beat the Patriots by greater than 2.5 points.

If you tease the teaser at six points, that is a six-point teaser, and the Lions might win or lose less than 13.5 points. The Patriots can lose or win by less than 3.5 points for this teaser to be considered a profitable bet.

Prop Bets

A prop or a proposition bet is a wager that isn’t directly linked to the event’s outcome. The most commonly used types of prop bets include props for players and game props.

A prop for a player is a wager on the player’s performance, like the number of passing yards a quarterback can achieve in football or whether an athlete in basketball has an unbeatable double-double.

The game prop can be described as a wager on what will happen during a game, for example, winning the game by scoring 20 or more points or the team that scores first.

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