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HomeStartupFrom Basketball To Golf: Pro Basketball Player Builds Million Dollar Business

From Basketball To Golf: Pro Basketball Player Builds Million Dollar Business

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The game of golf is a fun and adventurous sport that requires a wide expanse of land that is often too tasking to navigate on foot. Electric or gas-powered vehicles are essential for the fast transport of golfers and their equipment around the course during play. Golf carts are often designed to offer comfort and easy mobility in order to ensure a fun and less stressful game of golf.

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Bowman’s custom carts is a state-of-the-art company that provides affordable street-legal and high-quality golf carts to aid golfing experience.

Bowman’s custom carts was founded by Tre Bowman in 2022. Bowman has been an entrepreneur for a couple years and recently joined the golf cart industry. Bowman is a man who is viewed as a persistent dream chaser that has had one of the quickest rises to business success worldwide! Tre originally is from York, PA, and grew up falling in love with basketball quickly. Before hitting a growth spurt in 10th grade, Tre was just hanging from poles and working on his craft daily and praying that one day he would grow to be over 6’3. With his continued dedication to the craft, faith, and manifesting his reality, Tre grew to be 6’4 and would become a highly touted high school recruit with plenty of high major division 1 schools coming to watch his games. After 1 year of prep school at one of the country’s top ranked schools, where he played with current NBA Andre Drummond. After a great year, Tre decided to take his talents to his home state and would commit to Penn State University in 2010. After a tough decision to leave his home state, Tre transferred and graduated from Iona University in New York where he became a starter and helped get his team into the NCAA tournament.

With his basketball success coming along, Tre set his sights on the NBA and would earn an invitation to work out with the Houston Rockets! This was one of the best experiences for him and although his nerves were high, he performed very well and was told they would be watching him closely as he begins his journey overseas. This led to the unknown side for Tre, as he was about to embark on the foreign world of Europe.

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After talking with his agent and a few different teams from Europe he decided to join a team in Spain. This is where Tre also took time to become fluent in Spanish and improve his ability to communicate and network with more people. Tre has always been somebody who is considered humble, respectful, and easygoing, so it wasn’t a hard time getting along with the new teammates and locals. The states that the most challenging thing during his first year overseas was the feeling of being homesick. His daughter Anniyah was born 2 years before his departure so it was a very tough decision for him to leave her so soon, but his thoughts were to show his kid that you must chase your dreams in life and be persistent in the pursuit of your goals.

After about 7 years of playing professional basketball and going to countries such as Spain, Germany, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Finland, and Portugal, Tre decided that it may be time to begin to input a plan for life after basketball that would maintain his financial freedom, as well as give him a chance to be his own boss. After looking into many different ideas such as auto retail, trucking companies, and e-commerce, one thing that caught Tre’s eye was golf carts.

This unique business particularly stood out to him because there is such a huge correlation between basketball and golf. Most retired basketball players resort to golf to remain competitive and active.

To him, It was a brilliant idea and after doing the research and finding a vendor, Tre began his journey into the billion-dollar industry of golf carts.

Golf carts basketball pro

Bowman’s Custom Carts is the name he chose for the business as he wanted his legacy to be left long after he is gone. Generational wealth is a huge goal for Tre, as he explains, he wants his kids to have the freedom to do what they want to do and one day own a business of their own that they can be proud of.

Tre is still in his first year of business but has done some very impressive sales already. He uses Facebook marketing, email targeting, and Instagram to acquire most of his customers. Within his first year, his company has a 1 million dollar valuation and is still growing. Tre expects the company to reach a 2 million dollar valuation before the end of year one, as the golf cart season is approaching and more sales will start to roll in. The company makes custom golf carts and gives customers over 50+ colors to choose from as well as both electric and gas options and multiple different rim options. The company’s goal is to become a top 3 golf cart manufacturer within the next 5 years. To do this, it will need the continued support of its customers and to increase the brand awareness of the company.

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With that being said, Tre is fairly new to the business and it would be a great idea for some CEOs and Owners to help him along the way and mentor him through his journey. The company is open to external input and advice and Tre’s story is one that shows that athletes can do more than play sports. That the will to become something bigger for your family and community is the most powerful weapon of them all. From the growth and progress so far from Bowman’s Custom Carts, it is obvious that the company is on the right path, and with the right decisions, the company is projected to achieve its goal of becoming one of the top golf cart manufacturers in the world.

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