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Small Business Grants for women entrepreneurs

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Raising capital for small business is not an easy job for women entrepreneurs because it involves several challenges. There are several private lenders, non-profit organizations, and government agencies that offer Grants for small businesses to help women entrepreneurs. They are an ideal one for women who want to start or grow a business. Small grants allow business owners to increase cash flow in a business. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the right one which exactly suits the business operations. Apart from that, women entrepreneurs should gather more details from various sources before applying for a loan.

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Knowing more about the best women’s small business grants

small business grants for women's empowerment projects

1. Amber Grant

Amber Grant is a program started in 1998 to honor a young woman named Amber who died before reaching her entrepreneurial dreams. The application process is very simple and a woman can apply for the loans online. Women entrepreneurs can tell their story and should pay a $15 application fee. This program awards a $ 2000 grant to one woman entrepreneur each month of a year.

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2. FedEx small business grant

FedEx small business grant allows women entrepreneurs to apply for small business loans although it is not meant for them. The application requires an explanation of the business with videos and how entrepreneurs will use the funds properly. However, a business should have at least 6 months of operating history when applying for small grants.

3. The Halstead Grant

Halstead Grant is mainly designed for women entrepreneurs in the jewel industry. Women can submit their business portfolio and answer a series of questions while applying for the grants online. The grant awards a $7500 cash grant and $1000 towards jewelry supplies.

4. Open meadows foundation

Open meadows foundation aids grants for projects that benefit women and girls. Those who are having limited resources are eligible to apply for the grants. The grants are an excellent choice for women entrepreneurs to enhance their financial conditions significantly.

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5. GrantsforWomen.org

The website covers a database of federally sponsored grants that allow women to know more about small grants for businesses in detail. On the other hand, the benefits may vary across different types of grants which help women to improve their business effectively. It provides ways to search for grants and other funding opportunities easily.

6. Belle Capital

Belle Capital offers small business loans for women entrepreneurs enabling them to grow their business. In fact, it aims at investing money in high growth companies to increase the returns on their investments.

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