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Funded Trading Plus Review: Is This Reliable a Proprietary Trading Firm?

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You’re here because you have a fire for trading, right? You’re passionate and seeking ways to propel your trading ambitions. Let me introduce you to Funded Trading Plus—a name synonymous with elevating professional traders to new horizons.

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Funded Trading Plus isn’t just a name; it’s a promising pathway that aids professional traders like you, providing the much-needed capital to fuel your ambitions. Let’s talk about how to become a prop trader with their support.

Before the golden gates of funding open for you, you must pass certain evaluations and procedures. It might seem like a complex labyrinth but don’t worry.

This Funded Trading Plus review is your map through the winding paths of the platform, positioning you a step ahead of the competition.

Let’s dive in!

What is Funded Trading Plus?

Picture yourself in London at the headquarters of Funded Trading Plus, a company that offers more than a trading platform. They open doors to live trading with a capital that may stretch up to $200,000.

Your dreams and business goals aren’t confined to this amount; you might even scale up to $2,500,000. You start with $200,000—quite the jumpstart, right?

Imagine you pass their evaluation—congratulations! Now they urge you to begin trading, and what’s more, they boost your profit share up to 90%. Only a mere 10% is taken as their income.

With accounts commencing at $12,500 and peaking at $200,000, you can choose from three intriguing trading programs. The choices? Experienced trader, advanced trader, and master trader—each a pathway to how to become a prop trader.

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Overview of Funded Trading Plus

In a market saturated with funded stock trading accounts, Funded Trading Plus stands out, laying claim to being one of the best prop trading firms. What makes it unique is that they design your funded trading account in three bespoke ways. Are you the Experienced Trader, the Advanced Trader, or the Master Trader?

Joining the ranks of Funded Trading Plus means choosing a trading tier that fits like a tailored suit. Your level of trade dictates your program, and as you evolve, so does your journey—from the Experienced Trader to the Master Trader program.

How Does Funded Trading Plus Work?

Within the intricate weave of technology, Funded Trading Plus meshes seamlessly with EightCap, its brokerage companion.

Three trading options are laid out before you—single evaluation, immediate funding, or a two-phased evaluation. You get 90% of the profits, with a sliver of 10% going to them.

Once you succeed in the evaluation, your live-funded account births trading potential with $200,000, a strategy destined to magnify your earnings. Imagine the summit—a towering $250 million.

How Does Funded Trading Plus Work Advanced Trader Programs

Funded Trading Plus Coupon/Discount Code

Is your interest piqued? Here’s a golden ticket for you—a Funded Trading Plus coupon named MODEST. It unlocks a 10% discount along with a slew of enticing benefits. Hit 10% profit, and a 115% refund on your evaluation fee is yours.

And if you’re an experienced or advanced trader, enjoy an 85% profit split. A little whisper of wisdom, though, our code doesn’t mesh with Master account purchases.

Who is Funded Trading Plus Best For?

1. Experienced Traders: Are you among them? With Advanced Trader Programs and generous profit splittings, this is your oasis.

2. Day Traders: Geared for you if day trading is your game. Generous profits, exciting trades—all using the firm’s capital.

3. Traders Seeking Flexibility: No boundaries here. Funded Trading Plus embraces varied trading strategies, weaving flexibility into your tapestry.

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What are The Benefits?

Funded Trading Plus isn’t just a name; it’s one of the best-funded stock trading accounts for those who seek various trading strategies. It offers:

1. Flexibility: Programs for all—novice to pro, small accounts to large, profit splits that smile at you.

2. No Time Restrictions: Time, they say, waits for no one, but here you have unlimited time for your profit goals.

3. Wide Range of Trading Strategies: Freedom to explore, to meet those targets.

4. Customer Service: Think of Simon Massey, your friendly guide, often celebrated for his timely assistance.

Pros of Funded Trading Plus

  • Suitable for all levels: beginners to experienced traders.
  • Up to 90% profit split.
  • No strict time limitations in the evaluation phase.
  • Accepts various trading strategies, including News trading.
  • Praised for excellent customer service.

Cons of Funded Trading Plus

  • A challenging maximum drawdown for some.
  • No overnight trading permitted.

Is Funded Trading Plus Worth it?

The trail to financial liberation through trading is not strewn with roses, but with Funded Trading Plus, the path seems less intimidating. This game-changer, rooted in profound knowledge and expertise, aims to emancipate traders from capital constraints.

Their pledge to your success, fortified by state-of-the-art technology and world-class skill, is an invaluable asset in today’s trading panorama. Age, location, or background—Funded Trading Plus believes in no boundaries, crafting a global family of traders, empowering them to seize control of their economic destinies.

It’s not just a place; it’s an experience where you can trade with the prowess of a pro, backed by substantial capital, akin to the maestros of Wall Street or the City of London.

Click here to sign up for Funded Trading Plus and see where the journey takes you.

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