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How to finally organize your messy inbox with Drag

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On average, the U.S. worker spends 6.3 hours a day checking their email. This insight is where the idea of drag comes from. Kanban-style boards are a proven way of efficiently working, proven in programming but also gaining prominence in sales and marketing, with success stories such as Pipedrive and Trello.

Drag transforms your inbox into organized lists (like Trello for Gmail). You can sort your emails into customized lists and add notes and tasks to emails with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Drag is changing the way you manage your emails, right inside your Gmail inbox.


Drag’s a completely different way to manage your inbox. Generally, people organize tasks in fragmented ways. Despite best practices to have a single solution (Trello, Todoist, Asana, etc.), users still have a mix of manual and structured tools to manage their tasks.

Drag complements these tools. It applies the same successful principles of Kanban boards in a simple way, inside your inbox. So you can use big tools for big tasks and drag when you simply need to organize your inbox.

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