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XPEDE: Creating An On-demand Delivery Service

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As an entrepreneur, the journey to create and build a successful business is often filled with a myriad of challenges. This was not any different with Xpede. The founder of Xpede speaks about the inspiration that gave birth to such a unique company and the various ups and downs he encountered on his road to discovery. The innovative app company comprises of a system that connects gig workers, that want better earnings but do not want to share rides with strangers or deliver foods and drinks that can smell up their cars or spill in it, to the local consumers and businesses that need the on-demand delivery or pick up of personal belonging(s), envelope(s) or package(s) at a fast and expeditious speed that is reliable and affordable.

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The idea for Xpede, an on-demand rapid delivery service for personal belongings, packages, and envelopes, was born about two years ago after an event at a friend’s house.

The founder had forgotten his keys after a party and instead of bothering his friends to drop off the keys or driving to pick them up, he called an Uber. This simple decision sparked the idea for a personal delivery service that could help people when they need to pick up or deliver items like keys, cellphones, wallets, dry cleaning, briefcases, and important or legal documents, and deliver it to their doorsteps within minutes or few hours. According to him, if companies like Doordash and Grubhub could deliver food to their customers, why couldn’t there be a similar company that could deliver other household and business items? Holiday deliveries such as Christmas cards and Thanksgiving items were also major options.

The genesis of the company saw its primary focus on the development of user and driver apps and perfecting them before launching them to the public. As the company grew, its priorities shifted to better operation of the company, excellent customer service to its users and drivers, and securing funding for the company. The founder’s experience in the legal field aided greatly in understanding the mechanism of operation of local legal couriers and the convenience and affordability of an on-demand delivery service of legal documents to the court or various agencies.

On demand Delivery Service Excellent customer service

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The company has come a long way, and the founder states that the only thing he might have done differently during the inception of the company would have been the better allocation of marketing funds. With his present experience of advertising apps to the general public and businesses, he can now easily recognize which marketing method works best. This knowledge would, of course, have greatly aided in cutting costs in many areas. The company was established in a location that the founder was familiar with and where it was economically feasible to operate, although, one of the biggest challenges faced at the beginning of the company’s journey was concocting the design and certain features of the apps that were different from close competitors.

The goal was to make sure that the Xpede app was top-notched, and it took quite a bit of trial and error to reach that goal. Another major challenge was securing funding for the company, which is a common challenge for all startups and founders.

The company was able to raise funds through various channels, such as angel investors, venture capitalists, and networking.

What sets Xpede apart from other popular delivery service apps is that the company provides rapid on-demand delivery and pick up of personal belongings, packages (60 lbs and below), and envelopes (regular and legal) to local communities and businesses. This is a different category of items that are not seen much in the United States, if any, and provides services that are often needed by the general public and businesses.

When selecting employees for Xpede – amongst many other values – reliability, experience, skills, teamwork, loyalty, integrity, and good work ethics are prioritized. This would help to boost the company’s reputation, efficiency, and credibility in several ways.

The marketing of the company began with all the major social media platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This was the background for getting the words about the company out when it started. As the company expanded, other methods of creating awareness about the company’s services were employed, such as in-person marketing to businesses, television and billboard advertisements.

The founder’s advice for those who want to become entrepreneurs is to perform good and thorough research about their venture before starting. He further advises prospective entrepreneurs to not be afraid of failure and to have strong determination and good work ethics. As a child, the founder learned morality, good character, and integrity from his parents, and although it took some time experimenting on his own along with several life mistakes, he remains grateful to his parents for all the basic values that they taught him as a child.

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The founder goes ahead to state that success is not based on material items and money alone, but rather succeeding in what one sets out to accomplish in life and to truly accomplish one’s destiny is what defines success.

In conclusion, creating Xpede has been a challenging and rewarding experience, and he is proud of what they have accomplished so far. The company’s mission is to continue providing exceptional on-demand rapid delivery services to its consumers and businesses and to be the go-to delivery service for all their needs.

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