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How to Navigate Your Job Search in High School

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You are in high school, and you are looking for your first job. Creating a resume and applying can be intimidating. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone experienced to guide you through the process?

That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step list to help you prepare for and navigate your job search while in high school. Whether you need work now or after graduation, these tips were designed for you.

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1. Build Your Resume

In addition to highlighting any skills you may have, a resume shows that you are serious about getting a job. Since you may not have previous work experience, your resume may look a bit different. You can include things like volunteer work, vocational classes, clubs and activities, and your grade point average (GPA). If you have any work experience – with your family’s business, babysitting, etc. – be sure to include that, too.

Check here for easy-to-use, online resume templates designed especially for high school students.

When you put together your resume, you’ll also want to assemble a list of references. Preferably, your references should not be family members – unless you’ve worked for them. Ask two to three coaches, teachers, guidance counselors, or pastors if you can use them as a reference. Get their email address and phone number. You won’t include this list on your resume, but you’ll have it handy if your hiring manager asks for it.

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2. Clean Up Your Online Identity

You’ve probably got multiple social media profiles. Be aware that your future employer may look at your social media while deciding whether to hire you. Delete any questionable pictures, tags, or posts. Adjust your account to a private setting so only your friends will see your updates.

What is questionable material? Try to think like your employer. Would you want to hire someone who parties every weekend or who engages in illegal behavior, like underage drinking? What about someone who uses profanity or makes fun of other people? Look at how you are dressed in your photos. If it is slovenly, provocative, or revealing, consider deleting it.

Another aspect of your online presence is your email address. Many youths use cute email handles like “hello angel” or “tiger stripes.” These were great when you were a child and your parents wanted to protect your identity, but they are a turnoff to some employers. Set up a professional email for job and college applications. Keep it simple by using your first and last name or initials, in combination with a number if necessary.

3. Be Open to New Experiences

Open to New Experiences Job applications

It can be tempting to limit your job applications to those positions you want most – perhaps your favorite store at the mall or a business that matches your career goals.

Keep in mind that there may be many other students competing for those same jobs. To increase your chances of getting hired, apply to many different positions. Remember that you can gain valuable experience and skills from any job you take.

4. Be Polite, Professional, and Follow Up

Your demeanor during your job interview can have a lot to do with whether you get hired. Be polite and don’t use slang. Sit or stand with good posture, and stay focused on the interviewer. Dress professionally; a pair of slacks and a button-down shirt are always good options.

After the interview, follow up with an email or even a handwritten card. Thank them for the interview. If you don’t hear from them within two weeks, call to check on the status of your job application.

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5. Do Your Research

A little research can go a long way in helping you find a job you love. Keep up with the local news to discover new businesses opening in the area. Contact a nearby university to learn about internships and similar programs. Phone or visit businesses that match your career path to ask if they have any openings.

You may even decide to start your own business. The learning curve is huge, but it can be done – even if you are still a teenager. Find a mentor or a reliable website. For example, Tycoon Story has resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

In Conclusion

There are a number of steps you can take to make your high school job search easier. Build a strong resume, and do your research when it comes to openings and opportunities. Present yourself professionally at the interview and online. Seek out jobs you love, but also be open to new and different experiences.

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