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Can Mandir Explains E-commerce, Dropshipping & Crypto

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E-commerce, dropshipping, and crypto have been long in debate. The people drawn towards the industry keep looking to know more about it since there is so much. With new changes brought in by the pandemic, e-commerce has changed drastically.

In his recent interview, Can Mandir, a successful dropshipper, explains e-commerce, dropshipping, and crypto. Below are the important bits from the interview.

E-commerce growth in 2020

E-commerce took to unattainable heights during the pandemic. Due to Covid-19, the virtual world was made active while the physical world remained shut. Consequently, people relied on online shopping, which fueled e-commerce growth. Although many people were already shopping online, during the pandemic, it seemed more convenient, which is why even more consumers migrated to online sellers.

As a result, the e-commerce sector of the economy enjoyed its success while other sectors did not. Moreover, the pandemic has also made many sellers realize the significance of setting up online stores and businesses. It has also made the consumers aware of the benefits online sellers provide.

Advice for new dropshippers

Can Mandir is a successful dropshipper, and in his interview, he highlights the key necessities every dropshipper should have. These necessities will kickstart your dropshipping venture. Below are all these requirements:

  • You need to have electronic devices to start your dropshipping ventures. Yes, you’ll need to have smartphones as well as a laptop or a computer. You’ll need these devices to track order and other functionalities.
  • A good wifi/internet connection so you can connect to people from all over the web.
  • If you don’t have time for a dropshipping venture, you shouldn’t force your way in as you’d need to spend 2-4 hours every day on your venture.

Techniques for dropshipping

Techniques for dropshipping

Once you’ve established your dropshipping venture, you must be looking for techniques that can help you grow and expand. Can Mandir lists some of these techniques in his interview, such as:

  • Use email marketing as much as you can. Make your customers feel special by personalizing emails for a group of people.
  • Invest in advertising as most people are on their phones almost all the time. The more they know about you, the better it is.
  • Focus on short goals yet don’t let go of long-term perspectives. Mandir further adds, “Those, who adopt a longer-term perspective and are willing to understand it, will also be able to find the key to success.”

E-commerce and crypto

Crypto still remains absent from most economies and everyday dealings. E-commerce, too, is not inclusive of crypto as of now. When asked about crypto’s future, Mandir quoted, “I’m quite optimistic about it.” Therefore, even though crypto isn’t a part of dropshipping yet, it soon will be.

Can Mandir even believes that crypto will attain the position of regular currencies and will be dealt with in e-commerce. Mandir has an eye for market trends which is why he believes in the future of crypto. Moreover, Mandir has examined the influence Elon Musk has on the public. The continuous discussions by Elon Musk on the topic, therefore, reflects crypto’s future.

Future expectations from dropshipping and e-commerce

The future expectations from dropshipping as well as e-commerce remain high because of its present. It is very likely that the growth witnessed by e-commerce in 2020 will be followed in the post-pandemic years as well.

The advantages offered by e-commerce are too high and cannot be ignored. Consequently, the consumers who have adapted to online shopping will not tend to transfer back to offline markets. As a result, e-commerce will only continue to grow. Moreover, its future advancements are something to look forward to.

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