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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 5 Easy Steps for Beginners

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You may be interested in starting a dropshipping business and want to know the details. This sales model requires sellers to accept orders through various sales channels including websites. You don’t have to ship products yourself or carry inventory. Rather, being dropship sellers, your task is to ship products to customers directly on their behalf. Hence, you do not have to worry about ongoing or upfront inventory, warehouse staffing or storage costs. Rather, the process involved in planning as well as launching such business is quite similar to that of other sales enterprises. There is required a sound marketable concept, marketing plan, strategies, sales channels and source for goods. This type of startup does not require lots of investment in staff, facilities or inventory.

5 effective steps on how to start a dropshipping business

1. Come up with a marketable business concept: Successful businesses generally are based on a sound concept. It is around this that your product collection, content and brand are centered. You need to first develop an idea. Then fine-tune the concept with time. While exploring dropshipping concepts, you need to factor in three major aspects:

    • Focus on offering customers valuable solutions. Try to solve your customers’ problems with related products and services.
    • Product research to derive profitable opportunities.
    • Niche marketing works effectively. However, experts consider proceeding with caution.

2. Explore reputed suppliers for dropshipping for beginners: Once a general concept is prepared for your drop-shipping business, explore different products and suppliers. Since there are numerous dropship suppliers and products readily available in the market, it can be quite confusing. Without the basic business concept, you cannot achieve success. Two things should be taken into consideration:

      • Dropship suppliers are of two types like direct-source suppliers and to source goods-drop ship marketplaces.
      • The options offered cater to different seller segments.

Create dropshipping site

3. Create Dropshipping site: Your dropshipping business will require a functional and valid website. It is important to select the most appropriate eCommerce platform. Two factors are to be taken into consideration, namely, drop-ship supplier plan and overall business concept. The best platform for starting a dropshipping business will depend on how you can put the different elements together.

    • Overall business concept: Find out if the business concept is content-focused or product-focused. Some eCommerce platforms can be stated to be a wise choice for product-focused sites and others cater to content-rich sites.
    • Content does matter a lot to your business: You can rank high by creating blog posts like product reviews, recipes, how-to’s, etc. in leading search engines.
    • Supplier plan: For plug-and-play drop-ship marketplaces, Shopify can be a wonderful choice.

4. Incorporate drop-ship products in your site: As soon as your website is functional, choose and incorporate relevant products. How to go about will be based on whether you are including products manually, self-sourcing or using an integrated supplier. The Oberlo/Shopify combination is a simple way to launch dropshipping for beginners. Things to consider while choosing dropship items for sales:

    • Profitability
    • Item Popularity
    • Item Quality
    • Shipping costs
    • Return policy
    • Supplier reliability

5. Market as well as manage your business: Attract shoppers through paid ads, social media, and email. Each marketing strategy is startup-friendly. Ensure processing and shipping your orders smooth. The viable startup marketing plan is to include the following:

    • Email marketing
    • Facebook Page & Shop
    • Pinterest and/or Instagram for shoppable posts
    • Learn SEO Strategies

Following the above five tips will help you to know how to start a dropshipping business and achieve success the easy way.



How to start a dropshipping business in 5 easy steps for beginners

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