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5 Shipping Container Business Ideas To Try This Year

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Running your own company could be one of the most effective ways to make more money and earn a living. As a business owner and a manager, you’ll have more freedom to make your own decisions and plan your schedules. For that reason, you’ll likely build your desired wealth.

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While running a business is a fantastic idea, sometimes, it can be challenging to launch one. This is because of the substantial initial capital you may require to build or rent a space. For that reason, some people give up on starting their dream businesses. But, the good news is that anyone can utilize used shipping containers to start their preferred business.

There are a lot of shipping container business ideas you can try. These include:

1. Dispensary Business

Health issues are among the common challenges affecting people in the modern world. For that reason, you’ll likely see several people finding medications daily. Therefore, it makes sense to open a dispensary to assist people in enhancing their health and wellbeing. However, you must possess the right qualifications and certificates to offer medical services. For instance, you must be a trained doctor, nurse, clinical officer, or any other recognized health worker.

The good thing about a dispensary business is that it doesn’t require a big space. You only need a small room where you can meet with patients. This makes a shipping container a suitable tool to help launch and run your dispensary.

2. Mobile Phone Shop

For the last few years, mobile phones have become essential tools for the modern man. People use phones to communicate with friends and relatives. Besides, consumers use phones to find products or services and shop online.

Most people can’t afford to stay without phones. Even kids use these gadgets to play games and access learning materials online. That’s to say that selling mobile phones is in very high demand. For that reason, you may want to give a phone selling business a try.

You don’t need to construct a big building to start selling phones. You only need to hire or buy a used shipping container. This is true since, as a dispensary, a mobile phone shop doesn’t require a big space. You only need a small space where you can place your seat and display your phones.

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3. Consulting Agency

Today, business owners consider finding external experts to complement their internal workers. They achieve that through outsourcing specific tasks, like marketing, accounting, staff recruitment, asset management, and web designing, among others.

You can offer your consulting services online. However, you may want to have a small office where clients may meet you. You also need a small space to store your computers and other working tools.

You can decide to build an office for your consulting agency firm. However, finding a used shipping container would be a good idea.  This is because constructing a permanent office may cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you can save a lot of money by utilizing a shipping container as your office for your consulting agency.

Another benefit of using shipping containers as your office is that they’re mobile. You can move with them, especially when you want to work near your clients.

4. Yoga Training Studio

Today, a lot of people consider yoga training. They believe doing yoga improves one’s balance, helps relieve back pains, eases arthritis symptoms, promotes sleep, and relaxes the mind. For that reason, you can start training yoga to connect with these many clients and make money.

Constructing a yoga training studio isn’t as easy as you think. You’ve got to buy materials, find constructors, and wait for several weeks or months before the place gets ready for customers.  That’s where used shipping containers are essential.

Yoga doesn’t require a big space, even if you’ve got several customers. This is true since customers have their preferred time to attend yoga sessions. Some will come in the morning, others during the day or evening. You’ll barely have all the clients coming to your studio at a go. Therefore, you can run a yoga training studio from a shipping container.

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5. Grocery Shop

Grocery Shop Shipping Container Business

Are you living in an urban center and want to start a small business?  If yes, you can open a grocery shop. This involves selling basic necessities to people living in town.

Most people in urban centers buy food items for survival. Thus, you can make a lot of money if you launch a grocery shop or a convenience store.

One of the major problems when it comes to starting a grocery shop is finding a space. And, if you get one, it might be too expensive to rent. For that reason, you can consider launching your grocery shop in a shipping container. 


As you’ve read in this article, there are various business ideas you can try this year. But, you must ensure you find a suitable shipping container for your business in terms of size and durability. Besides, you may want to follow the right steps in registering and launching your business.

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