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Home Business Ideas 23 Small Business Ideas For Men & Women

23 Small Business Ideas For Men & Women

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When it comes to starting up a small business, there are countless opportunities for women who wish to become self employed. Many of these businesses utilize creativity and the practical skills women often use in their daily lives.

Below are some small business ideas for women:

1. Write eBooks

EBook writers have become extremely popular in recent years, and many writers have found their niche penning books sold on e-readers such as Kindles.

Write eBooks

It’s a simple process to get the book uploaded to ebookstores, but writers must find a writing niche that sells, and the content must be good quality.

Once you write the book, you can upload it to one of the ebookstores available for writers and set a price. Most unknown writers sell their ebooks for discounted prices to lure in readers. Once your ebook is sold, you will receive royalties from it.

2. Personal Chef

Wealthy people often need help preparing meals for their families or parties and events. Personal chefs fulfill those duties and get paid well for them.
Personal Chef

Although many chefs have a culinary degree, private clients might not require a formal education, only skills and experience.

Personal chefs are often needed at random hours and days so they must be flexible. Creativity in the kitchen is also a necessity to keep up with changing tastes, diets, and menus.

3. Gift Basket Maker

There are so many occasions that call for gift baskets, and because of this, making got baskets is one of the most original business ideas for women.
Gift Basket Maker

All you will need to do is put together an assortment of items specified by the customer and creatively arrange them in a basket. The customer then gives the basket to to someone else as a gift.

There are low start up costs if you work from home, and advertising through social media and passing out business cards can generate some immediate clients.

4. Grocery Delivery

There are many people who can’t drive either because of their age, disability, or illness. They often need help getting groceries from the store to their house.

Grocery Delivery

As a grocery delivery person, you can help someone who really needs assistance. Typically, the business would involve picking up groceries from the store and bringing them to the home of the client. They might need help putting the groceries away as well.

5. Restoring Furniture

If you’re good at restoring furniture, you could put your talents into a lucrative career.

Restoring Furniture

The used furniture business is thriving, and furniture restorers can find work either helping customers restore pieces of furniture they already own or working with used furniture stores to assist with getting pieces ready to be sold.

You must be skilled with upholstering, polishing and veneering and keep up to date with the latest techniques in the business.

6. Etsy Shop

Etsy is a website were creative individuals can sell their homemade products. If you have a talent for designing a specific type of product, an Etsy shop might be the business you’ve been looking for.

Etsy Shop

On the Etsy site, there are sellers peddling homemade crafts, clothes, costumes, bags, and many other items. Many sellers monogram products for clients.

If you think this is something you’d be interested in, it’s simple to start your own shop. It’s up to you to showcase items that draw in customers and pay close attention to quality before you ship so you receive a good review and referrals.

7. Errand Service

Everyone is busy these days and starting a business that helps others run their errands can be a profitable venture. The job might entail picking up dry cleaning, going to the post office, or even going grocery shopping for a client.

Errand Service

Errand runners need a reliable car since they will be using it for the majority of the day. In addition, they must have an attention to detail because you will be entrusted with some important responsibilities. It’s also imperative that you work well with a variety of people and in different situations.

8. Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are skilled in applying makeup on clients for social functions and other important events where you need to look your best.
Makeup Artist

Most makeup artists go to school for cosmetology and specialize in makeup application. Since makeup artists are needed for photo shoots, weddings, special events, and dance and theatrical performances, there is a lot of work to be found in the business.

It can be a great business opportunity for women who would like to work in the beauty field. You can start your own makeup artist business with little start up costs, and before you know it, you can make your living helping others feel good and look good, Check Make-up in San Bernardino.


9. Aestheticians

Skin care is an important part of appearance and aestheticians have become popular in recent years. They typically perform procedures on the face such as facials and skin peels.

Aestheticians can work independently with private clients in their homes or in an office setting. Starting an aesthetician business will require training and becoming state licensed.

10. Cosmetic Sales

Whether it’s Avon or Mary Kay, women have been selling cosmetics for years. This is a great business to start because the products are well known and the start up costs are low.
Cosmetic Sales

Cosmetic sales involves finding clients to buy your products which is usually done through parties. However, these days, many cosmetic sales parties are done entirely on social media sites and salespeople and clients never need to leave the comfort of their own homes.


11. Promotional Work

Promoting products can be a great business for women to start. Whether it’s food, wine or other products, businesses will often pay well to have spokespeople promote their goods.

Promotional Work

Promotional work can be done at restaurants, bars, trade shows and supermarkets. The job involves interacting with the public so those in the field must be outgoing and friendly.

Once you get enough clients, you can hire other promotional spokespeople to work for you.

12. Blogging

Women have a lot to say and blogging is a great way to use your writing talents, share your interests, and possibly make a nice living.


Bloggers can make money from advertising and affiliate marketing. Although you probably won’t get rich overnight, with time and practice, your blog could gain popularity and generate some income for you.

Possible topics that women can blog about include motherhood, fashion, careers, and beauty tips.

13. Party Planning

In today’s world where throwing s great party is a must, party planners use their organizational skills to do all of the work for you.
Party Planning

The party planner arranges the menu, decorates, plans any special appearances or events during the party, and basically makes certain everything runs smoothly.

Prospective party planners must be creative, organized and enjoy working closely with the party host or hostess.

14. Seamstress

If you can sew, there are many who would be happy to pay you to fix their clothing. Seamstresses hem, take clothes in and let them out, and they make adjustments to clothing to adhere to their client’s needs.


To get started, you should have a sewing machine and a few other basic seamstress accessories such as scissors, different colored threads, and an assortment of sewing needles.


15. Nanny

Becoming a nanny can be a lucrative business for women who love children. You can either become a full time nanny to a client’s children, or you can offer childcare in your own home for working or busy moms.

There is some first aid training needed in Order to become a nanny and possibly some basic education classes depending on where you live.

Nannies typically feed children, play with them, help with homework, and take them to various after school activities.


16. House Cleaning

In most homes, families are busy and the house cleaning duties tend to get neglected.
House Cleaning

As a house cleaner, you should expect to work hard and have an attention to detail. You will be cleaning all areas of homes including floors, kitchens, bathrooms and even windows so the work can often be strenuous.

But if you’re willing to get the job done, a few basic cleaning supplies and some regular clients can start you a business with lots of flexibility and A good hourly wage!

17. Wedding Planner

The job of a wedding planner is a rewarding one. Not only are you helping a couple on their special day, you also get paid well to do it.
Wedding Planner

Wedding planners arrange many facets of the wedding including flowers, the guest list, food, and securing the locations. The also ensure that everyone is where they should be during the ceremony and reception.

It won’t take much to get started in this business. Once you have a reputation as a good wedding planner, word will spread and business will boom.

18. Cupcake Maker

The popularity of cupcakes is everywhere and have even replaced cakes at birthday parties.
Cupcake Maker

If you’re good at baking, then baking specialty cupcakes is a possible business for you.

All you need are some cupcake making supplies, an oven, and the ability to design delicious and aesthetically pleasing cupcakes for parties and special events.

19. Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is an important job in today’s world. Career moms, business people and just those that need a little extra help often employ personal assistants to manage their day to day lives.

Personal Assistant

If you opt to become a personal assistants, you can work from your own home, but expect to be answering clients’ emails, running errands, making travel plans and many other daily tasks.

If you choose this as a business opportunity, remember that you must have a great attitude and get along well with the general public since you will most likely spend your days interacting with others.

20. Personal Stylist

Personal stylists are entrusted with responsibility of dressing and accessorizing their client in the latest styles that fit their tastes.
Personal Stylist

No formal training is necessary to get into the field; however an eye for fashion and style is a must in this career, and you need to work well with others since you will be closely aligned with your client in order to get his or her personal tastes.

A personal stylist will get an idea of what occasion their client needs to be styled for and then purchases clothes, jewelry, and other accessories and helps the client get ready.

21. Kid’s Consignment Store

A great business for women to start is a kid’s consignment store. This business requires a space to sell the items in, but the start up is very low since you don’t need to buy any merchandise.

Kid's Consignment Store

Simply place an ad that you are looking for kid’s consignment items and explain how much of the sales price consignors will receive once the items sell. There is no experience needed for this job, but be prepared to work long hours in the beginning when getting the business off of the ground.

22. Local Tour Guide

If you live in an area that is a popular tourist destination, open a tour guide business. Start small and conduct walking tours through local historic neighborhoods.

Local Tour Guide

You must be familiar with an area and its history in order to succeed in the business. The ability to speak in front of many people in an interesting and animated way is also a must.

23. Translator

Fluent in more than one language? Well then you could put your linguistic skills to god use as a translator.


Translators are often needed for individuals who live in an area and don’t speak the native language well or at all. As a translator, you could help these men or women by traveling with them to appointments and assisting them with phone calls, shopping, and filling out forms and applications.

The options for women who would like to start their own businesses are endless. Small business ideas are everywhere, and no matter what field you decide on, hard wok and a positive attitude are instrumental in making your business a huge hit!

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