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Print Wizard: Merchandise Printing Services for all Businesses

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Print Wizard is an online printing company based in Bangladesh that specializes in providing merchandise printing services. Their target market currently comprises businesses that require designs and the production of materials aimed at developing brand image.

In addition to design services, the platform also provides efficient distribution of finished products along with packing facilities. Moreover, these services are, for now, focused on clients operating their businesses in Bangladesh. Printed products include those required by industries as diverse as real estate, food and beverage, private education and corporate sectors, private healthcare services, and even non-governmental organizations. These businesses also operate in areas as diverse as urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Furthermore, the printed products covered by the company’s catalog include brochures, business cards, presentation folders, envelopes, and shopping bags, among many others. Most importantly, with more than 100,000 projects successfully finished for over 10,000 clients, the company’s 35 plus member team is looking forward to further growth in the future.

Print Wizard began its journey in 2017 as an offline service provider focused on only printing services at first. Mr. Nizam Uddin Shipan, an experienced art director and graphic designer, founded the business with the vision of building an automated printing and publishing ecosystem driven by information technology.

In the beginning, Print Wizard served companies exclusively in its locality of offices. The initial capital of the business was a modest sum of 30,000 BDT by the end of 2018. However, an expanding clientele brought an investment of 20,51,493 BDT in 2019. This success allowed service variety to extend and shift its focus to designing rather than just printing.

This trend and change in scope meant that the company moved from the printing sector to the web-to-print industry, offering its services through an online portal. Moreover, by 2019, the company’s existing customers started to receive the facility of getting custom quotes for their tailored needs. These loyal customers have to fill out an online form on the company website to get custom quotes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on the company’s structure and means of operations. Because of government lockdowns, economic activities have been significantly disrupted, resulting in delays in obtaining printed products for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises).

As these businesses are the bedrock of economies like Bangladesh (which is in the process of achieving developed country status), their prosperity depends on the elimination of such inefficiencies.

Hence, with over 6 million SMEs in Bangladesh, which make up most of the printed product market, companies like Print Wizard have proved to be key players in economic prosperity. The company’s business model consists of employing a multichannel approach to marketing and sales called the Omni Channel Strategy.

This, combined with the ordering process’s digitalization, means that SMEs and MSMEs can do their business smoothly and without any hurdles in the execution of their promotion campaigns.

More importantly, there are two upsides for resellers and vendors to opt for web-to-print companies like Print Wizard instead of traditional printing services.

Firstly, by having designing, production, and distribution all done by the same company, clients significantly save time. Secondly, the benefits are cost-effective compared to hiring independent creative designers and utilizing the services of delivery and printing companies.

By bringing together these disparate industries, operations become more efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, there is one more factor to consider: standardization and uniformity. Hence, having three separate processes performed by a team of experts under the same management, coordination, and collaboration results in higher-quality printed products.

Printing services print wizard

Print Wizard stands out from the competition in several ways. For instance, their website offers an inactive online design platform, which reduces the dependency on external design inputs.

Furthermore, the in-house graphics team of the company provides support to the customers through the online platform. This team of professionals ensures the quality of design and color of the ordered printed products.

Furthermore, the omnichannel ecosystem brought in place by Print Wizard depends largely on resellers and vendors; this is so because all the vendors of Bangladesh own and run traditional printing and packing businesses. These services primarily involve manual processes. The digitalization of merchandise printing services brings about a new paradigm shift in the country’s business environment.

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