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Best Logistics Management Software for Small Business

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Logistics business involves several things that need proper management to streamline operations. On the other hand, small logistics companies may face difficulties in managing their day-to-day activities which result in various problems. Nowadays, a wide range of software products is available for managing important activities with ease. They provide several benefits to small logistics companies to minimize risks and other problems. However, it is imperative to make a detailed study of them to choose the right one accordingly.

List of the best logistics management software available for small businesses

1. Towbook

Towbook logistics management software

Towbook is the best logistics software designed for a small business that gives was to perform important tasks with high accuracy. Some of them include dispatching, invoicing, accounting, and impounding. The primary advantage is this software is that it contributes more to manage a logistics business from anywhere with app applications. Also, a business can sign up for a 30-day free trial to know the functions and other things. The key features of the software include comprehensive reporting, 24/7 customer support, and easy billing.

2. ShippingEasy

Shippingeasy logistics management software

ShippingEasy is the right choice for online sellers and e-commerce businesses that come with automation applications. It takes care of the backend operations with outstanding features such as user management, product management, order management, carrier management, rate management, etc. Another thing about this software is that it provides methods to perform accurate shipping labels, bar code scanning, customer marketing, inventory control, and reporting.

3. Logitude world

Logitude world logistics management software

It is a cloud-based software platform that allows small businesses to manage entire logistics business with ease. Some of the key features covered by the software include end-to-end shipping management, customization, personalization, CRM access, shared logistics, and seamless migration. The software offers logistics management solutions with a freight forwarding lifecycle that will help minimize unwanted problems. Apart from that, it features a personalized workspace and wizards enabling small businesses to tailor them to their requirements.

4. Geotab

Geotab logistics management software

The Geotab is an instinctive web app that comes with several features which suit the needs of small logistics businesses. They include maintenance scheduling, time management, booking, vehicle tracking, shipment tracking, shipment management, scheduling, parts management, inventory management, and so on. The cloud-based system allows small businesses to manage their operations without any hassles.

5. Whip Around

Whip around logistics management software

Whip Around is an award-winning logistics software that caters to the needs of a small business with unique features. The key features offered by the system include equipment management, incident management, a self-service portal, scheduling, electronic signature, VIN lookup, third-party interface, report templates, location tracking, etc. It aims to ensure smooth business management by addressing the essential needs of users.

6. Easyship

Easyship logistics management software for smal business

Easyship is the best software for small online stores that come with various features allowing a business to run the operations with ease. Some of them include customer management, dashboard, SEO management, discount management, checklist, reporting, promotions management, and so on. The software gives ways to manage all activities of a small logistics company to gain more advantages.

7. Orderhive

Orderhive logistics management software

Orderhive is a web-based software that allows small logistics businesses to perform a variety of tasks with high accuracy. The key features offered by the software include inventory management, invoicing, sales order, inventory tracking, order fulfillment, shipping labels, warehouse management, and so on.

8. CartonCloud

Cartoncloud warehouse management software

CartonCloud is logistics management software that is available with excellent features which fit a small business. Some of them include automated data entry, automated invoicing, route optimization, electronic proof of deliveries, and stock reporting. It is useful for streamlining business operations with high success rates.

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