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Best Inventory Management Tools for Small Business Owners

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Inventory management is one of the most important skills for managing your small business effectively. Custom inventory management software will help you to to track all the products of your company every day, so you can control the growth of your business. This article is going to discuss about some popular inventory management tools that are available today. These tools can eliminate much of the guesswork, especially in managing your inventory in your company. You can have great control of your business when you use any of these inventory management apps. It is very easy for you to use any of these tools for managing the inventory system in your company.

Top Inventory Management Tools

1. Unleashed

Unleashed inventory management system

It is a powerful inventory management system for all small business owners. You can manage the inventory in your company at any time and anywhere you are. When you use this software, you can get access to your stock in your company via its cloud storage space. You can manage the entire product catalog in the cloud system. It can give you real-time access to your stock level, costs, and tracking information. Its flexible report can be classified based on warehouses, suppliers, bin locations, product groups, and many other categories.

2. Zoho Inventory

Zoho inventory management tool

If you want to track inventory in your company, you should take a look at this powerful tool. It allows you to manage your shipping, purchase orders, and also inventory system in your company. This inventory management software allows you to get access to all details from your warehouses. This powerful inventory management software can be integrated with other apps, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and many other apps. You can get flexibility when using this inventory management tool.

3. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed retail inventory management tool

Many people are interested in using this powerful tool for their small businesses. After you buy this tool, you can add all of your inventory stocks at any time you want. You can import all data from a comma-separated value or CSV file. This tool also allows you to create your purchase orders in your business by submitting them manually. The whole system of Lightspeed Retail allows you to have a comfortable inventory management system in your business. It is very well-known for its complete and detailed reports. You can run reports for finding out what is running low, your best selling items, and also some unsold items.

4. ABC Inventory

ABC Inventory tool is suitable for all small business owners with a limited budget. This is a free tool for managing your inventory effectively. You can manage multiple warehouses, companies, and currencies at the same time. This inventory management tool features pick-and-pack lists, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), barcode scanning, and also serial numbers. These features allow you to control the movement of your stocks easily. The free version of this software allows you to have an unlimited number of records. Once you are happy with all features from ABC Inventory, you can upgrade your plan at any time you want.

5. DEAR Systems

Dear systems inventory management tool


DEAR Systems is specially created to help you with warehousing, inventory, and also e-commerce platforms. Many small business owners are happy with all the features of this tool. DEAR Systems can be integrated with other apps, such as accounting software, sales channels, and many other apps. This tool can generate product data automatically, including descriptions, photos, stock keeping units (SKUs), product categories, etc. DEAR is the best solution for all small business owners who want to unite the sales, inventory, and also fulfillment system in their companies. This tool has a basic package that can cover up to 5 users and also 2 external integrations.

6. TradeGecko

Tradegecko inventory management software

TradeGecko is recommended for you to install this inventory management software now. It can give you the best access to all of your inventory stocks at any time you want. You can set up your customizable B2B e-commerce store on the Internet. You can link the TradeGecko tool with other sales channels, for example, Shopify, WooCommerce, and also Amazon. This tool is very well-known for its inventory optimization functions, for example, automated metrics and automated demand forecasting for supporting your business performance. If you are interested in using all features from this tool, you can get access to its free trial version.

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