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Best Call Center Screen Monitoring Software In 2021

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It could be that you have recently launched a call center and is eager to take it to the next level. It is important to monitor all your employee activity. With customer demands changing at a constant pace, it is essential to be better prepared. You should include some vital tools to enable better workflow. Call center screen monitoring is considered to be monitoring as well as recording the desktop of all your agents in real-time. Screen monitoring, generally is performed during customer interactions to ensure agent and customer privacy. By monitoring client service conversations, you can identify easily product development opportunities, vital issues and improve overall customer service.

Top 4 call center tools to consider

1. LiveVox WFO

Livevox wfo best call center screen monitoring software in 2021

LiveVox WFO contact center software helps integrate workforce optimization (WFO), CRM and Omnichannel communications.

Key features:

  • LiveVox WFO diminishes compliance risk and improves customer experience. It can easily search, score, view as well as report multi-channel client interactions.
  • It automates schedules by balancing work hours, shift rules, skills, off times and breaks. You can develop, incorporate post-call client satisfaction surveys.
  • LiveVox WFO helps record various metrics including relevant KPI. It provides customizable elearning and training programs, performance reports and recorded calls.
  • It also offers easy-to-use drag & drop interface to develop reports. It can also analyze automatically and score interactions with enhanced AI features to enable agent training and risk reduction.

2. Bright Pattern

Bright pattern best call center screen monitoring software in 2021


Bright Pattern cloud-based contact center tool assists enterprises and medium businesses to manage effectively their services.

Key features

  • Outbound/inbound calls, web/chat support, service desks and social media.
  • Dropped-call conversation continuity, enabling connection with same agent once dialed in few minutes.
  • Agents can get to understand quickly phone call meaning with call transcripts provided in client’s activity history.
  • Incoming call auto routing based on region, skills, interactions, etc.
  • Supports frequent message pre-recording to enhance overall efficiency.
  • Predictive dialer offered to ensure streamlined and efficient outbound calls.
  • Call tracking and sentiment analysis to follow-up mainly problematic conversations.
  • There are offered three interesting pricing plans like Premium, Pro and Voice Select Package.

3. Verint Monet WFO

Verint monet wfo best call center screen monitoring software in 2021

Verint Monet WFO cloud-based is one of the popularly used call center tools. It includes analytics, performance management, quality management and workforce management.

Key features

  • It can track, manage and analyze agent performance. This helps optimize client service.
  • Develops effective schedules to manage incoming call volumes.
  • Uses section weighting, complex branching and multiple question types to develop quality evaluation criteria.
  • Screen & voice recording features with call scoring and playback to ensure quality monitoring.
  • Integrates with over 60 contact center infrastructure (CCI) including CRMs such as Cisco.
  • Provides easy agent management via individual employee profile list.

4. Five9

Five9 best call center screen monitoring software in 2021

Five9 all-in-one, cloud-based, AI-driven contact center solution is the perfect choice for unified communications support. It includes outbound, inbound, blended, etc. It also enables remote and in-office agent to offer customer support. It is done through email, phone, social media, mobile, chat, etc.

Key features

  • Interaction analytics help detect the latest trends, automate process quality. It also identifies bad/good customer service issues.
  • Supports customer interaction with full-length recordings with agent screens.
  • Workforce management can help optimize staff depending on schedules, multi-channel forecasts and accurate multi-skills.
  • Post-interaction surveys conducted through SMS or email, including advanced analysis related to metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).
  • Integrates easily with CRMs like ServiceNow, Oracle, Zendesk and Salesforce.
  • Agent call-scripting to deliver contacts with consistent messages.
  • Five9 offers 4 exciting packages like Ultimate, Optimum, Premium and Core.

The above are the top call center screen monitoring tools used to enhance customer satisfaction and business productivity.

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