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How many hours a week do you actually work?

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A majority of employees like to choose either a 9-5 or 10-6 job in a day because it provides more convenience for them. But how many hours a week do you work for your company? This is because you have to work for at least 8 hours per day while planning important work that can take up a minimum of 40 or 48 hours a week. However, you need to work for more hours than your scheduled working hours. As a result, you may face burnout and high stress levels that can affect your health to a large extent.

How many hours a week do you need for your job?

Here is what scientists recommend about the ideal length for your work.

How many hours a week

1. Quality comes first

Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to the number of working hours. This is because the quality of the job makes a huge difference and allows you to improve your mental health as well as your well-being. You need to do some work to get the greatest mental health benefits that can help achieve the best results.

2. Working too much is not a great idea

As an employee, the standard working week is around 40 hours, which may vary depending on your company type. A recent study reveals that working more than 45 hours a week can affect your health in various ways. Working overtime will also result in a host of problems that can impact your quality of life.

How long should you work?

Research shows that working less than 40 hours will allow you to ensure the perfect blend of productivity. It is advisable for you to choose a company that offers work for 4-5 days a week.

How do you track how much of your work is

A great way to track your working time is to prepare a list of tasks that can take 5–60 minutes. Then, you should track your time when you start a task and stop after finishing it. In addition, make sure that your task does not exceed 60 minutes.

Besides that, you can also utilize an automatic hours tracker to know how many hours a week you work with high accuracy. Furthermore, you can know the actual time spent on productivity and unproductivity, which can help improve your skills. You can even try the Pomodoro technique, which gives methods to evaluate how many hours you have taken to complete a job.

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